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Beard Trimming Apron

  • Save precious time - Wide cloth area to prevent hair scattering; No more time wastage on hair collection after a shave or trim.
  • Fits All - With its universal fit configuration, the product can be used by anyone, Simply adjust the apron according to your convenience.
  • Foldable and extremely lightweight; weighs only 95gm - Easy to carry inside your shaving kit and can be installed anywhere and put to use in no time
  • Easy hair collection; Collect all those facial hair with ease; Polyester made cape doesn’t let those hairs stick on the surface while helping in easy collection and disposal.
  • Durable and Easy to operate Suction cups with holding pegs; Pegs support the outstretched and wide coverage of the cape; the suction cups of the pegs provide the stability to keep the outstretched apron in place

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Just as Superman’s cape gives him the ability to fly high in the sky, here we also have a cape which will give you some real super powers :). Power to save your precious time, power of quick cleaning. Yes, with this beard apron you can attain all these super powers at once. No need to clean scattered hair from the floor; No need to clean up the clogged basin; Simply use the product and feel the real power of letting it go. The apron will itself collect all the beard hair you just need to dispose it the dustbin after the trimming session. Being a polyester made product, no worries about hair sticking onto the cloth. The hair go off the apron like oil on water. Also being very light weight (95gm approx) you can carry it with you at any location. 2 simple steps and you are ready to go. Adjust the apron according to your convenience over the neck and stick your apron to the mirror or wall tile with the help of powerful suction cups provided with the product. You will definitely feel the difference.

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