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Vetiver Bath Scrub

  • FOR SOFT SILKY SKIN - HealthAndYoga Vetiver Scrub is a nature’s gift that is made of 100% natural vetiver roots. It has skin rejuvenating, antiseptic and relaxant properties. It exfoliates the skin deeply but gently. Regular bath with it, makes the skin soft, glowy and smooth.
  • SUMMERTIME SKINCARE - Vetiver has cooling effect on skin and helps deal with prickly heat, summer rashes while clearing clogged pores due to excessive sweating.
  • WOODY FRAGRANCE - The vetiver roots retain their characteristic natural earthy aroma adding to an amazingly refreshing bath experience. Vetiver has a natural deodorizing property that helps mask body odor.
  • WOVEN WITH COTTON THREAD - Unlike most vetiver scrubs that are held together with harmful plastic mesh, HealthAndYoga Vetiver Scrub is bound using natural cotton fiber thread, that is gentle on skin and retains the scrub’s natural feel.
  • SOAK BEFORE USE - The scrub should be soaked in water for 10-15 minutes before first use, to soften it. After every use, rinse thoroughly with hot water and let it air dry. Replace every 4-5 weeks. Can be used by people of all ages and skin types.

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HealthAndYoga Vetiver Bath Scrub has a convenient round shape for a firm grip. It can be used in circular motion for gentle exfoliation. It is made of 100 % natural dried vetiver roots and retains the natural wooden earthy aroma of nature. Since ancient times, Vetiver has been in use for daily skincare due to its deodorizing, antiseptic and healing properties.

HealthAndYoga Vetiver Bath Loofah aids in removal of dead skin cells, stretch marks and helps to get a soft, smooth and glowing skin. It also helps to cool the skin, balance sebaceous glands functioning to normalize oily/dry skin, and soothes skin inflammations and allergies. It refreshes the mind and spirit with its natural aroma that helps to connect with Mother Nature. A good body scrub with it helps to overcome stress, anxiety and nervousness.

It is a far superior alternative to plastic and synthetic bath scrubs, that may harm the skin. Makes for a wonderful, thoughtful, ecofriendly and sustainable health gift for loved ones.

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