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Vetiver Bath Scrub

  • 100% natural vetiver root imparts enriched skin rejuvenating, antiseptic and relaxant properties
  • Compacted Round shape – for a natural circular motion to gently exfoliate the skin
  • Natural deodorizing property masks Body Odor - Regular use for a soft, glowing and sensual skin
  • Gentle, Bio-degradable, and eco-friendly - Does not harm skin like harsh plastic bath scrubs
  • Suitable to prevent pregnancy stretch marks and also as a gift to your loved ones

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The vetiver bath scrub has scientifically designed round shape to assist the gentle circular motion for effective exfoliation and better results. Being vetiver based, it is enriched with aromatic, deodorizing, antiseptic and healing properties of vetiver. It effectively removes the dead skin cells, balances the functioning of sebaceous glands for normalizing oily or dry skin, and helps in skin inflammations or allergies……..It not only gives you a soft, glowing and sensual skin but also, its aroma connects you to nature and overcome stress, anxiety or nervousness. It is a far superior alternative to plastic and synthetic bath scrubs, which may harm your skin. Its use is advisable during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks. It is an eco-friendly product and a nice gift item for someone you love.

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Kind Words From Our Customers

You always have such high quality products! Thank you for your commitment to the best and your care for your customers!

All products were good. Liked them all.

However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.

I frequently buy from this site as the products are of very high quality. Reliability is the trademark.....

The shipping was so quick and the tracking readily available! The Tongue Cleaner is hard to find in the U.S. and I`m delighted with it, the masks are 100% professional and I love the Vetiver Bath Scrub, although it`s small - I should have noticed the size when ordering, if I had, I would have ordered two! It`s a great scrubber for the feet especially, I think.
Will definitely order from this company again, thank you.


Thank you very much for the order!.The vetiver scrubs smell nice, but the plastic mesh they are in is a little scatchy. Maybe better after a few uses.

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