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Neem Tulsi Soap Without Scrub

  • Handmade Neem Basil (Tulsi) herbal soap; free from chemicals and rich in skin healing properties
  • Neem is anti-microbial and anti-fungal in nature; helps in acne and summer rashes
  • Basil helps in skin problems; pimples, white patches and pigmentation, etc.
  • Weight is 125 gms. Available in 2 options; with an “In-built scrub’’ and without the scrub
  • Suitable for soft and sensitive skin; effectively removes germs

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Neem Basil ( Tulsi) Soap is a handmade herbal soap . It does not contain any chemicals.
The Neem Basil soap combines the powerful skin healing properties of the herbs Neem and Indian Basil (Tulsi). It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Good for people with acne or summer rashes.
It comes in 2 options - with an “In-built scrub" to unclog pores OR without the scrub.
Neem Basil Soap without Scrub is good for soft skin which does not need exfoliation. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
It is ideal for young children- no chemicals, no scrub, natural , effective in removing germs.
Weight: 4.40 oz.

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