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  • Handcrafted from Neem Wood; Neem is a wonder plant, recognized for its medicinal properties
  • 7" wide toothed - suitable for detangling - Non static; 100% natural - Ecofriendly and Hair friendly
  • Provides natural antibacterial effect with every stroke; helps reduce dandruff and scalp disorders
  • Stimulates overall scalp and hair health; strongly recommended as an alternative to toxic plastics
  • Stimulates overall scalp and hair health; strongly recommended as an alternative to toxic plastics
  • Wholesale Price : as low as $ 2.97
    Min SRP [?] This is the MINIMUM Suggested Retail Price for this product. Most retailers sell at almost $2-$5 over the Min SRP. : $ 7.95 USD   
    Item Wt : 150.00 gms. approx

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    Why use Plastic combs on your hair, when you have an environment friendly + a healthier alternative....Neem is known as the medicinal plant for its immense health benefits. Neem is a recognized antibacterial and germicide; No insects or bacteria ever come close to neem products.... Neem inhibits the multiplication of viruses by combining with the skin cells. This blockage of virus growth imparts the germicidal and anti allergic properties to Neem.... Regular combing with these combs is believed to inhibit dandruff as well as scalp infections. Benefits such as reduced hair fall are also claimed.... These combs are handcrafted so that the points are not too sharp and you can get an excellent stimulating effect as the comb teeth glide over your scalp. Gently press against the scalp and comb as usual. It is a good practice to comb more often, as this not only stimulates the scalp cells but also keeps it disinfected.

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    I frequently buy from this site as the products are of very high quality. Reliability is the trademark.....
    Apr 12, 2017
    AHMEDABAD , India

    The supply was timely, the material used (neem wood) works really wonderful. It gives cooling effect for the scalp. I am very happy with these products. But my suggestion is to use seasoned wood which will tolerate all type of atmosphere and will last long. Thanks for your co-operation.
    Apr 08, 2017
    Hubli , India

    The products are excellent and neatly packed.
    Nov 22, 2016
    Bangalore , India

    Great quality and much better than the toxic plastics other combs are made of and the price is fair and the shipping is fast. Great communication and updates from Health and Yoga. This was my first purchase, but I am now buying more items from Health and Yoga.
    Sep 04, 2016
    Murrells Inlet , United States

    Excellent products!! I have been using the toothpaste and tongue scraper often and I really enjoy both of them!! Awesome website you guys have! It was totally the copper material of the tongue cleaner that sold me on it.
    Jun 23, 2016
    Golden , United States

    I received the items the week following my order. Thank you for the great service and product! I look forward to making more purchases in the future. Ever since I have received my neem combs, those are the only ones I like to use.

    Kind Regards,
    May 14, 2016
    Burnsville , United States

    your combs are great I stopped using the plastic comb im trying to get back to healthy things this was a great start
    Feb 21, 2015
    jersey city , United States

    I have purchased all the 4 different combs. They have arrived promptly and in very perfect conditions.
    I was worried of any splinters in the wooden comb. But they come with excellent finish and very great to comb with.

    My opinion is go for it.
    Dec 18, 2014
    Hyderabad , India

    Lovely little comb. I am a natural shampoo/conditioner (baking soda/vinegar) so my hair has been going through quite a transition. The wooden wide tooth comb helps to minimize the amount of hair being pulled out daily and definitely helps with the static…
    Jul 23, 2014
    , -Select-

    I love this comb. I have long fine hair that gets highly static in the winter. Combing or brushing it with regular implements is nearly impossible. This large wooden comb solves that problem. It doesn`t tear my hair either. Excellent purchase….
    Jul 23, 2014
    , -Select-

    Review not Provided.
    Jul 03, 2014
    Montreal , Canada

    You service and follow up as always been superb, thank you
    Jun 18, 2013
    South San Francisco , United States

    I ordered the one with the handle and the other combo one. I have had a sensitive scalp until using these combs but no more! :) The work much better than plastic ones and even my ends split less. You will not go wrong with adding these to your collection of hair care products and toss those plastics. You might also want to purchase a set for a family or friend.
    Jan 28, 2013
    , United States
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