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Sleep Masks - Cotton

  • Set of 2 Eye masks – Breathable Cotton Masks for Uninterrupted Sound Sleep; Colour: Mute Grey
  • Elastic Strap holds the eye pad on head firmly; Durable Strap is gentle on head while putting it on
  • Light weight; UNISEX; Durable; Machine washable; Exerts gentle pressure around eyes for de-stressing
  • Covers complete eye area; allows free eye movement; Reduces restlessness, induces sound sleep
  • Free size; Quite Economical; effective Light blocker; enables quality sleep for hours without discomfort

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Cotton eye masks are a great help to induce sound sleep. They enable you to disconnect from your surroundings by blocking the light. They maintain required darkness and allow comfortable slumber without any light disturbance. This sleep pad is very light in weight and gentle on eyes. It covers a large area around eyes. It has elastic straps to hold the pad on head comfortably. It is easy to clean and safe for machine wash.


Mar 16, 2020

This is the best time to sleep and wake up if you want to stay fit!

Sleeping is as important as eating or breathing is to our lives. Not sleeping enough does not only make you feel drowsy but also reduces your productivity level. Not sleeping well is the reason for so many problems like stress, depression and hypertension. And along with quantity, the quality of sle...
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