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Copper Water Bottle

  • Pure Copper Water Bottle - Capacity: 950ml. (about 30 oz.), Height: 8.8”, Weight: 300gm/365gm with box
  • Natural Copper; Made with natural copper which is safe and equally beneficial for the human body
  • Easy to clean and leakproof - Easy-clean design along with its leak-proof screw-top lid, the bottle retains all the fluid inside without leakage
  • Tarnish Resistant - Coated With high quality food grade lacquer on outside to retain its shine for longer.
  • Ayurvedic health benefits; Copper is used in many Ayurvedic practices – helps ionize the water standing overnight to impart huge health benefits

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Copper is a metal which is being used by humans since ages. Because of its enormous health benefits, the metal has been used in Household items since ancient times. A few benefits of copper are believed to include weight management, slowing down of ageing, a boost to immunity and many other. The copper water bottle is also designed in the same manner so that you can get all these health benefits out of it. The bottle weighs 330gm and holds 950 ml of water inside. Its Leakproof airtight screw-top lid provides complete protection from spillage. On the outside, the bottle is provided with lacquer finishing, which protects the bottle from losing its shine and color. Its elegant design makes the bottle look more appealing and you can easily inculcate its usage in your day to day life. Note: Copper is the metal which when comes in contact with outside environment tends to lose its shine, But that’s not something to worry about. To avoid bottle lose its color you can wash it with water directly without using any soap or detergent. Rub with lime juice or vinegar to restore shine.

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