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  • The best home enema kit easy to use.. Open fountain top allows for easy cleaning
  • Reusable – will last for years; Natural and Eco friendly - made with thick durable latex
  • Enemas help relieve fatigue, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, blood pressure, haemorrhoids, sinus congestion, skin allergies, unpleasant breath and supports weight loss, and energy level.
  • High quality accessories - Silicone hose, nozzles, clamp and a flexible colon tip for deep cleanse with Instructions
  • Packaged discreetly to avoid Embarrassment
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    This is one of the best home enema kits and very easy to use. The BEST part about this product is there are only limited tools in this home kit as we all know the chances of leakages increase with increasing parts. A versatile-5 foot-long silicone tubing, strong clamp with open fountain to allow easy cleaning. This enema cleansing kit is ideal for traveling.The enema kit introduced by Soulgenie ensures no leakages and does away with needless adapters. Simply keeping it upright works best. It helps you remove waste and toxins from the colon. Enemas are purposed to promote weight loss and offer a broad range of health benefits. It is an alternative healing method to cleanse the colon. Practicing an enema at home is totally safe and helps to detoxify our body. The best home enema kit is more economical than disposable systems as it is durable ad will last for several years. Just replace parts as required. This rubber bag allows you to use plain water or your own solution. Super suspension is provided through a robust metal hook to ensure no slippage during the enema. An at-home enema session is great; it helps getting rid of all the accumulated waste from the colon. This fountain bag is suitable for those preferring bags and comfortable enema sessions. The 2-quart bag ensures a good capacity cleansing and its a more economical option for enema.

    Works as it should, good quality materials.

    I am very pleased with the enema bag, also quick delivery.

    Quick delivery.

    I had to pay duty on this order. It will make a difference if I order again because of the cost of shipping and duty. Sorry about that. I never paid duty before but I guess things a getting more strict.

    Fast and efficient service
    Very good!

    Extremely quick service. From India to my doorstep in the US in four days. The products are all good quality. There was a smell on the bag at first, but it has gone away. Overall this was a great purchasing experience.

    Excellent product..! Well packed and delivered quickly..! Thanks to the seller for this quality product..! I strongly recommend this seller and the products.

    Fast shipping and good quality!

    I use it mostly for coffee enemas and I find the silicone hose doesn`t allow the coffee to go through. First the coffee doesn`t want to go from the bag to the hose. It gets stuck in the bag and I have to pinch a lot of times to get it going into the hose. Then I have to pinch the hose often to get the coffee going further. When the coffee is completely in the hose it goes well.
    Your service is excellent. Very good and fast.

    arrived on time and in great the taste of the toothpaste

    The enema bags are very good. I would have liked a 6.5 foot hose. I use the shower bar to hang the bag and had to lower the bar in order to reach the hose nozzle. In all, a very good purchase. I would not hesitate to buy anything from your company.

    fast shipping!

    Hello, ordering and receiving went very well, but one of the vinyl tubes was received with holes in it so I`m unable to use it because it leaks. Sorry I didn`t respond sooner to the problem.
    Neil Farrington

    Purchase and delivery was fine. The product is still being washed a lot and air dried to try and get rid of a strong perfume smell on the outside of the bag. Someone either handled it with perfume on their hands or sprayed it to thing we would prefer that smell. It is not the outside only and I think we may be able to start using it now. It would stink up a whole room the way it was. Thank you for the follow up. I think we will be able to keep it and use it now.

    Roger Greenwald

    Product as described. Works well. Very, very fast shipping.

    Always great quality and fast service.
    I would suggest revisiting the plastic hooks that sometimes fail to hold the weight.

    order was received will buy again.

    I received my order quickly and privately labeled (which was important to me). Thank you. I like your website and I appreciate your interest in the health and well being of your customers.

    Great product, great instructions, great price

    Review not Provided.

    I love it, it was exactly what I was hoping for


    Received product quickly and the quality of the product was excellent.

    Excellent delivery time and good products. Thank you!

    Review not Provided.

    The enema bag is amazing.

    I have received my order fine and in good time. Thanks, gary

    I am very happy with this purchase. It works perfectly ok.

    Received my parcel within good time and it was exactly what I wanted.

    Thanks guys!

    My purchase was received very shortly after it was ordered. I am very pleased with the products I have ordered and the service couldn`t be better. The international shipping was much faster than I expected. Thank you for the great service.

    Quick delivery. Received items in eight days.

    Review not Provided.

    The product arrived on time, it just took few days. All the parts were included and in good condition and the manual was very useful. It is the second time I purchase with Health and Yoga and I am satisfied with both purchases.

    The product is great. I will reorder from you in the future.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    everything was as described and worked well, thanks

    Shipping took longer than anticipated, but the product is good.

    The product is great. It works just as advertised and has great instructions along with it. However, it took longer to get here than I expected. A little bit longer than 2 weeks.

    Review not Provided.

    My order was delivered quickly and the product was as expected. I will order from health and yoga again. Thanks!

    Exceptionally fast service; very good product; satisfied customer!

    Review not Provided.

    I`m very pleased with my enema bag; I will shop with you guys again in the future.


    Recived in good shape and very timely.

    Thank you kindly for the kit I recieved. It was recieved within a few days of my order. As always, your products are of the very best quality.

    Super Fast and efficient delivery of products. Will shop with you again and again.

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you for the very timely shipment.
    Everything was exactly as described, and I will use your services again.

    I received my order promptly and it was exactly what I ordered. I have recommended you to others. Do you have a catalog to mail to me? susan

    Review not Provided.

    It was confusing which portion of the credit card information sections of the website I should use -- and indeed I made an error. Communication about this error throughout was excellent and the problem was corrected. Delivery and product condition were both excellent. Thank you!

    Sam Gaertner

    The product seems to be of good quality, and was please with your service and delivery time. Thank you

    Received order promptly and in good condition
    Thabk you

    Review not Provided.

    Very quick delivery and products were as stated. Thankyou.

    Service good, follow up welcome suprise, product way over priced.

    thanks for the product you guys sent.. it was what we expected.. very good quality, now we need to see how long will last. But my mom is really content with it..

    received. Thank tou

    Product was as described and arrived in a timely manner.


    got the stuff. interesting web site. thanks

    Arrived just fine. Good job.

    I received the product fast and with satisfaction.

    The product arrived appearing used and dirty, it leaks, and the additional nozzles I bought are of such inferior quality that I wish I had not bought them. I cleaned the bag inside and out with soap and water, and it gets the job done, but I would not repeat my shopping experience with your site.

    Received product in timely manner. Would order from you again.

    Thank you, I recommended your site to friends, Namaste.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    The order was received in good condition and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to order again or recommend you to others.

    Review not Provided.

    it arrived in a timely fashion. the only thing is the tubing is way too thin for me, but all in all a good product.

    it is exactly what I needed.

    Product received on time and in good shape. I ordered some of the wrong things, but other then that was very happy about the order

    The tubing which came with the enema bag system was a disapointment. It is thin material and kinks up so badly that it impedes the water flow and when stored it crinkles in a lot of places along its length. I don`t know where I could get a better made water tube. Otherwise my order was satisfactory and I thank you. LR

    Product quality is good. Service is good.

    dear sir,
    yes, I have received the red 2 qt enema bag, i am very pleased, for one thing it is a full 2 qt. others i have ordered in the past are 1-1/2 qts. I also previously ordered a 4 qt enema bag but had it sent to another address, that too i am very satisfied with these products. thank you.
    Bill Adels

    I am very satisfied with my order, shipping was really quick. I will definetly order from health & yoga again!

    The enema bags we received are very good. For health reasons, I use mine daily and I am completely satisfied.

    My mom actually is the one who needed this product and is happy with it. I loved how fast you got this order out and that you confirmed receipt right away too!

    very fast shipping and a great product. thanks!

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    I received my product in less than a week and I was very satisfied! I appreciated your quick response and the link you provided so I could track my purchase. I will recommend your site to others and I will definitely be using your service again.

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you very much for you service. I\ve received the product and I am very satisfied!

    good service thanks

    Review not Provided.

    I am very happy with the product and will plan to use this company again for future purchases.

    The Higgensons syringe had a little plastic thing in the end of the tube. It seemed to fit the tip of the rectal nozzle but not very well. What is the best way to hook it up?

    Your service is very quick and efficient. Thank you very much I am delighted with my purchase.

    Review not Provided.

    Received the order in a timely fashion, and everything is very good. Thank you.

    I have received my kit and delivery was timely. The items were of expected quality and instructions complete. There was a lot of talk on the website about the booklet that accompanied the kit, and although I did find it to be helpful, I also had expected a bit more information, especially on the health benefits of enema as well as more recipes for various circumstances.

    i was so happy with my purchase that i ordered a second bag to give to a friend who also became interested detoxing. thank you for the quality products and for your commitment to help others improve their well-being.

    i have recieved it and again thank you very much

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    I especially appreciate the bag design with the opening at the neck for gravity feed. Other models create a vacuum and the water flow has restriction. I am very satisfied with your product. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    I ordered a 1-2 Quart Enema Bag Kit. It was shipped from From: CyberApproach (Health and Yoga)B-36,Sector-31,NOIDA, India, 201303. My package arrived torn open and appeared to have been handled. Internal nozzle package was also opened. This is unsafe and undermines my confidence in how my order was handled. I will not use this service again. Very unhappy with my experience. I Wasted money. The practice of shipping opened packages of this nature is profoundly unsafe! Brian Bender

    Received my order in a timely fashion. Thank you for your help.

    Completely satisfactory!!!

    Review not Provided.

    Item arrived fast, well packaged. Thank you very much! A+

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    every thing was fine....I appreciate you checking to make sure that it was.

    Just perfect!!!+++

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    great job my order came very fast thanks tom

    Prompt delivery, thank you.

    I did receive the product and it is exactly as I expected: a first-class, quality item. I thank you. I f I need anything in the future I will surely contact you. best wishes Alex. Docker

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Quickly shipped - arrived in a week. Thanks !

    Job well done! I have already received enema kit in good condition. Thanks a lot! Regards, Svetlana

    Very satisfied with the merchandise, delivery time was excellent and feedback on order/shipment progress was great.

    Have received enema equipment and happy with order. Directions left a little to be desired, but overall, no problem. Thank you.

    Excellent product just what I ordered and very quick delivery, Thanks

    Review not Provided.

    Received 2 weeks ago, Thanks

    Review not Provided.

    Everything was great! Thanks!

    all recieved neti pot brilliant top quality enema nozzles and clamp tap poor quality

    Arrived as expected. Thanks!

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