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  • Delivery to door within 7-12 days, with standard shipping (Postal orders 'may' take a little longer)
  • Pure salt 99.5% purity
  • No additives like iodine
  • Convenient single use sachets , 100 packets
  • Suitable for use with your SteloKleen neti pot

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Pure salt is recommended for jala neti. The salt should be without any additives such as anti caking agents or even `so-called` healthy minerals.

Always happy with HealthAndYoga! Fast delivery, excellent communication, good prices. Will buy more! Thank You!

I used Neilmed sinus rinse salt sachet when I was in usa. I moved to India and ordered healthandyoga neti salts. It burns/discomforts after use of this salt. I also tried indosurgicals, prime surgicals, netiwash salts (all indian companies). They all burn after use. In between i had few more of neilmed sinus rinse sachets and they again worked fine. Honestly I believed you but it didnt work. I would you to take this feedback positively and compare your product with neilmed sinus rinse sachet.

Review not Provided.

Items were delivered at the right time and with good quality

All arrived safely and on time - brilliant service and great attention to detail,
Thank you so much.

Awesome product. Just what I wanted. It was exactly as I would have expected.

Delivery is as promised. Product quality and packing are excellent.

soaps are not refreshing...comb should be of better wood quality.

Great product, good price, and fast delivery.

Product and service both are very good.

Nice product.

It would be good if you can deliver within 2 days.

Good work, I will recommend you to others

I have been using this regularly for jal neti and sometimes also in my cooking, I like it and will order again once this set gets over, Thanks it is a good product , Please continue your good work.

Very fast service...we are satisfied with the purchase

Review not Provided.

The delivery of the net pot with the 25 salt packets were delivered in a timely manner. the order I had sent to my sister`s home in another state. However, the delivery of the 100 salt packets took 6 weeks to arrive to me from India. That is not acceptable!! I`d like a credit for the shipping on that order!!

It`s difficult to get pure NaCl in market and on top of that you need to measure quantity every time. But these packets are handy. Where ever I got I keep my neti pot and these packets are handy. I feel the cleanliness in my nose after neti. Thanks

I received my order of 100 jalaneti salt packets in a very timely manner, in neat and secure packaging. I love this product because the individual packets are convenient and sanitary to use, providing exactly the right amount of a quality product each time. I also appreciate your excellent customer service and follow-up. Many thanks!

Hello, Namaste,

You responded very fast, and communicated the status of the package by sending me a web tracking report. As it turned out, it was very helpful. Thank you!

Also, Jala Neti salt packets are in perfect condition. I am learning how to use it. The real challenge will be to practice jala neti every day. Thank you again!

I have ordered this item before and I`m noticing the thickness of the packets has decreased and the contents are going through the bags.

item came quickly and have ordered this same item before and love the good quality and right size package.

Good quality, fast delivery. As usual.

Product was exactly as described and was shipped quickly!

Delivery time is always a little slow, but have grown to expect it. I am currently trying another vendor for non-individually packaged salt as a result of pricing. The individual packets are somewaht more convenient, but more expensive.

I really can`t do without the NETI POT. I use it almost daily. Only when I`m too lazy I don`t. And I`ve given away 6 Pots and encourage friends with nasal problems to use it too. Its the best non-drug way of living!

I love the neti salt takes all the guessing and measuring away. Thank you for such a great product.

I am always satisfied with my purchases from Health and Yoga. Great product, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Thank you, I will be back.

I am always satisfied with my purchases from Health and Yoga. Great product, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Thank you, I will be back.

Review not Provided.

Customer service most excellent as well! I can heartily recommend purchasing this pot from health and

THE service is nice and fast. The e-mails friendly. One advice i`d like to suggest: à bit less e-mails in reaction on questions and orders as too much can lead to aversion...

Succes and Thanx for the good services...

Good Service and Produc. Thanks

Review not Provided.

I have just started using Neti Pot with pure salt for my nasal allergy treatment and I can see a difference. I do not sneeze in the morning anymore. A very good product. I recommend to anyone who has nasal problems.

Very happy with purchase and delivery times all good Thank you very much

hi i recieved the order very quickly and packing was nice , the pot is excellent not poki nose and its smooth and the finishing of the pot is excellent the salt is great as well and the amount of the salt to use in one single pot is made perfect by u and it doesnt feel too salty or less salty and i am getting better with my sinusis day by day and i will reccomm `ending` this excellent solution to all of my other brothers and sister more so i think without any problem also it is a great practice to follow just before your morning yoga and it just makes your yoga experience more complete the only thing i will suggest is that it will be great if there is a obtion of jalneti dvd in hindi as well and my indian instructor as in u can give that language obtion dvds to the mainly spoken languages as in the people can connect more with their language and their people in the dvd thank you cheers

Recieved my products within 6 days to Australia, quite impressive, all the products I recieved are of good quality.

I was happy my order arrived quickly.

Review not Provided.

Product arrived within a week to Australia. Fantastic service and delivery.

Product delivered in good condition and in a very timely manner

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The salt is a bit dirty.

Review not Provided.

The Jala Neti salt packets are very convenient to use, especially when travelling. I will continue to purchase them from Health and Yoga. The price is very reasonable and the customer service is excellent. Thank you.

The delivery was very quick and perfect, so thank you :-)

I have purchased items from for several years and have always been very satisfied with price, quality, and delivey time for their products. I highly recommend them.

Delivered on time as always. And the product is excellent, better than the store bought kind. We tried to buy salt packets from the store when we ran out once, and it wasn`t what we expected, pretty bad.

I recieved my products in excellent condition and within one week. Thanks very much.

Products are great quality & Fast reliable service.

Thank you.

This is the 2nd product I`ve bought from Both have exceeded expectations, as has the service.

Review not Provided.

I sent it as a gift for my brother, and so far he has been happy with the product.

convenient product, easy to order

Review not Provided.

everything arrived quickly and in good order. Thank you!

I have been totally satisfied with the products I purchased. I received them timely and they are of the highest quality. I have been able to use them very easily.

Quick delivery

Your products are excellent. We enjoy the benefits of them. Thank you.

Delivery seemed a bit slow compared to many other internet ordering sites.


There was second time, I purchased.And I was very satisfied. (Sorry for my english but I am french). Thank you. Julie Marleau (Canada)

I received all items in good condition, and am thoroughly satisfied with each of them. Thank you.


This is the second order I have placed with your company and it was received promptly and exactly as described. Great customer service as usual and nice products.

A truly happy customer,



I bought more neti salt because i love neti. And since my girlfriend is now a fan we need more salt. Thanks!!

Thank you! I have ordered four neti pots and lots of salt packets. Each order has gone smoothly and arrived in record time. I have not had a cold in ten years and now my three children are believers, too! I am so glad I switched to your stainless steel neti pot a few years ago. It is far superior to what I had been using. Again, thanks for everything!

Several of the packets were not sealed & the salt spilled into the entire shipment. I previously purchased a neti pot & salt packets & had no problems with that shipment.

I love the convenience of shopping online. Thank you for making your products available to us. I prefer your Jala Neti Salt Packets above any I have found locally.

I received the Neti Pot and the Neti Salt normally but in battered condition. The pot had three dents in the bottom which I felt inclined to bang out; they are less noticeable now. Half of the salt packets had opened because the crimped edges are weak, delicate, and can not endure flexing without likely opening up. I recovered the loose salt, placed it into a clean bottle and labeled it,"One leveled teaspoon per pot," since that is exactly the volume in each packet. I emptied all the leaking packets into this bottle also. The intact packets were carefully re-arranged into a new zip bag and stored safely with the pot. I`ve done neti myself many times in past years and am confident in your good instructions, your nicely made pot, and pure salt. The box containing the pot was originally well constructed using steel staples in the side seam. The box and its contents were very old, since the staples were rusted; it takes years to make zinc-plated industrial staples actually rust, unless directly exposed to salty air at the seashore. The box was pushed-in and significantly distorted, and the salt packets were fatigued at the edge crimps with half of them leaking. Lots of rough handling and rough travel were endured by this tough little box. The dents in the pot occurred before it was packed in the box; the dents were in the bottom of the pot while the box bottom was in fine shape. As I have worked as a QA technician and inspector, I have some idea how tedious it would be to do QA on the Neti Pot packages before letting them out the door.
I admit, I`m a dreamer:
Ideally, the boxes should be opened, the dented pots sorted out to sell at a discount, and the leaking salt packets separated from the intact packets. But since I have a grasp of the ideal, that is why my technician career turned toward QA. However, I expect things to be wrong and save good outcomes for a happy surprise. I wish you every success, and thank you for your great Web site.
David Martin

Review not Provided.

The quality of your neti pot and salt is fantastic. The service excellent, and apart from a mistake by the delivery carrier (wrong house) not your fault - the package was labeled perfectly, I am very happy.

Thank you

Excellent service, great product thanks very much!

My service has been great every time I`ve ordered. Thank you for great and fast delivery!

I received the shipment in good time and in good condition. Thank you for your prompt service.

Arrived with no problem
Thank you

Sorry I forgot to e-mail when the order arrived. It came right on time as usual. Thanks for the quick service, Daniel

Everything received as described

I have received the product -- Jala Neti Pot and the salts -- 3 days after the purchase. I am very satisfied with the products. I shall recommend the site to my friends and mention the good service I receive from you. Thank you.

I ordered the neti pot and salt for me neice. She received it in 5 days. I purchased my first neti pot 3 years ago. Since then I have not taken any allergy medicine. It is a truly magnificient product. I have given the neti pot as gift to several people and they all are amazed at how effective it is for allergy and sinus problems. I have highly recommended the neti to numerous people. Great product!

I love the products but did not realize they were being shipped from India and would take so long to get to me. I was very sick for three weeks when I ordered the pots but they did not arrrive until I was over my respratory ailment. I would like to order more of the toothpaste but will it take so long to get here? Much luck to you and your business.

After the first use of my neti pot - HOOKED. I used to be stuffy every morning, not because of allergies, but that`s just the way I was. No amount of blowing my nose helped. Finally I turned to the neti pot and the stuffiness is gone. Even the post-nasal drip is gone. I`m glad I researched neti pots beforehand and chose your stainless steel one, because it`s a great design, easy to use and easy to clean. I can`t go a day without using it, and I`m going to order another one for a gift for a family member with the same issues I used to have. Thank you for your excellent product. You should have a "Great" option in your feedback form. I would have selected that instead of just "Good".

Hi, my order arrived a week or more ago, and everything was perfect! I was surprised at how sturdy the pots are, a great value. Thanks!

The package arrived in a timely manner. There was an issue that I was going to contact you about, but hadn`t got to it. There was a packet that was damaged and there was salt all over the contents. It looked like more than just one packet, salt all over, but it appeared to be just the one. It is a mess.

Review not Provided.

Great products and fast shipping. Great company to do business with.

Received all my products in a timely manner. I really like your Neti Pot and salt packs, enema, toothpaste. You have great products. The only recommendation I have is that your website is a little difficult to get around on. It just takes some time to get use to. Thanks! Namaste

The neti pot was just what I wanted and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much,
Ed Wardwell

I love the Neti pot! It is easy to use and has been helping my sinus stay clear. Everything arrived in good condition and as ordered.

Like your product very much.

Review not Provided.


The products I received spectacular. The stainless neti pot is magnificent. The DVD is very informative and the neti experience is nothing short of life changing. Than you for the wonderful products.

Live Healthy an Flourish,

Dustin D.

Another high-quality, on time Health and Yoga product. Thanks for the efficient processing of my order (again).

Really like the Stainless Steel Neti Pot. It`s taken me a little while to get used to using it and am still not sure if I`m using correctly (I think I am). I looked at a few others before buying yours and I can say that yours is the best one that I came across! thanks.

Thanks. :)

Review not Provided.

Great service and a great product, i have been using it since

The Nettie pot works. All who suffers with severe allergies should consider using it.

I received the product in new condition, thank you. However, shipping was a bit longer than premium online dealers and the packaging of the product (neti pot and salt) was below average. The shipping box was quite beat up and the contents did not seem sealed or packed professional. That said, I am looking forward to using the product. Thanks!

I got it. Thank you.

My purchase arreived in a timely manner and I was very satisfied.

I enjoy the tea everyday
The toothpaste has made brushing a pleasure
The salts are useful and effective

Ronald L. Trainor bought:

Product 1 : 2 Stainless Steel Neti Pots + Jala Neti video DVD + Pure Neti Salt (20 Packets)

Product 2 : Jala Neti Salt 100 Packets

Product 3 : Tongue Cleaner

I received these products within a few days and the quality was perfect, everything you advertised. I will be buying from Health and Yoga again. Thank you

Ron Trainor

I was definitely pleased with my purchase of the neti pot.

Even though the nettie pot is supposed to be made from stainless steel, there is a very small amount of rust on the inside bottom where there appears to be a stamp in the metal. Other than that I am very pleased with the pot and the training materials.

We are pleased with the Neti pots and salt. The pots are good quality. The service was fast as promised.

Received and being used. I think it`s a great product.

Thank You.

I have been using the netti pot with good results. It took a few tries to get it right, but once I got the technique down, I am breathing much better. Great product with good instructions.

I have received order.Thank You.

Very good fast service - The incense is wonderful -as is the pot.

Quick Service. Great Products. Very Happy. Will buy again.

it came quick, no complaints!

Still awaiting delivery.

Excellent product (jala neti pot). Prompt delivery. Thanks.

We were very satisfied with our shipment and the products.
Duncan Neil

I use the Neti pot every morning and cannot believe how much better I feel. Your product is superior to what I could find locally in stores and I think the instruction booklet and CD were extremely valuable and absolutely crucial to assuring proper use of the Neti Pot. This is an incredibly effective product but, in my opinion, to assure quality of product and safe usage should be purchased from a reliable source such as Health and Yoga. Thank you for a wonderful product that improves my health and quality of life, and for your dedication to outstanding customer service. Sandra Kay Stock

very happy with my order, thank you. I do have one often should the Skin Aura be used?

once again ty!

The neti pot is wonderful! I have always used a ceramic pot and the new stainless steel pot is perfect.

Review not Provided.

The salt packets, while expensive, are quite convenient for use at home and even more so for traveling--no spilled salt in the suitcase.

The service was great, i recieved it fast.

Bought several items which were delivered timely.

Most impressed with the enema kit (would recommend)
Least impressed with the Neti pot (this is incredibly difficult to use & should be sold with an instructional dvd not just a poorly illustrated booklet... its just trial & error, and error, and error.....

Order received quickly and complete. Thank you.

Yes, I received the salt packets as ordered in a timely manner. Thanks.

I did receive my purchase and am very happy with it. Service was quick and product is just as promised. Thank you.

The packaging of the neti salt is very convinient, the neti pot is great, and the oral kit is fabulous. I am very happy with the puchase and delivery.

I loved it so much I bought another for someone else.

Review not Provided.

Using this product does seem to be helping with my allegy issues. Allergy doc recommended general idea, and I will tell him about this specific product. Much more effective than what I found at the drug store.

gret product, great service. i will order again in the future

The video is a must-have! It really helped me be comfortable about using the neti pot.
I`m happy I found your product and will recommend to others.

My congratulation,you are very faster and accurate,thanks a lot.

Review not Provided.

good stuff

Quick delivery, excellent quality

This is my 2nd unit as we have 2 homes. Use it every day!

Arrived in a timely manner, well-packaged and products were as described. Love the toothpaste and the Neti Pot is much better and sturdier, portable than the ones available in local stores.

Review not Provided.

Thank you so much for the quick shipment!

Thank you for everything -- shipping was quick, and my wife loved her new Neti pot!

Very easy to use. Within one week, my allergies improved. Only one complaint: on Day 4 of normal use, the nut fastening the spout to the pot came off. It was difficult to fix. The spout slightly leaks at the bottom. But I am still satisfied with the product.

Very responsive - arrived in good time - top quality products. The Neti Pot is wonderful, I would recommend it to anyone.

Received item. Excellent service.

Same good quality convenient salt that I`ve been using for a long time, delivered on time and in good condition.

Review not Provided.

Fast service! The only thing was that the extra set of tubing I ordered did not come with a clasp for stopping the flow. Other than that, everything was great. thanks!

The neti pot is very well made, and works very well. My only suggestion would be to see if there is a way to have a lid made for it. When it is full, it spills out the top as you start to use it.

Review not Provided.

it arrived fast, thanks

Your product is everything I expected it to be!!!

I absolutely love the taste of the green toothpaste - color is kind of strange but it tastes great. The neti pot was also a happy surprise and very inexpensive for what I got! I will definitely refer others to your store.

The order arrived in good time, and everything was in order. Thank you very much.

Great product and great service.

Using my Jala-Neti pot is one of the highlights of my day. I have Sjogren`s Syndrome, among other things, and it`s wonderful to have that soothing, warm water easing dryness in my nose and sinuses. I love the pot and recommend that if possible customers with severe problems get the DVD *and* the Neti salt. The DVD was far more helpful than I had anticipated--much better than the Youtube demos. The Neti salt is pure and easy to use.

Ordering was smooth and easy, delivery reasonably prompt.

I`m a very satisfied customer.

pot and salt received. I`m getting on to the use, acutaully, I think it is easier to use because I`m getting that area cleaned out.
Very good of you to do a follow-up. Customer service is where a lot of businesses fall down.

I am very satisfied and impressed with the quality of my Jala Neti and the support literature and DVD that came with it. I will definitely recommend this product and your website, as your customer service is superb! Many thanks!


I received my order quickly and everything was as expected. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

The order arrived on 7/23/08. Forgot to let you know. Thanks for the quick service. Most of the salt was for me but,the pots were for some friends. They were really excited to recieve them. I haven`t checked to see how they`re doing. Must be ok though. THANK YOU

I received my order but have noticed that there are very small holes in many of the salt packets. Consequently, much of the salt has spilled out and some of the packets have no salt at all in them. This has been disappointing.


Jannette Stout

Review not Provided.

Online browsing and ordering was quite easy on the site, and the delivery was extremly quick, thank you for the order and the concern over my satisfaction.

I sent a message earlier. I love my Neti pot.

I do not seem to be able to access the FAQ section. Can you tell me how to do so? My email is Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt fulfillment of my order...the Neti Pot and salt packets--and the results-- have made me a believer in the benefits of nasal irrigation (and I was reluctant to try!).

This was the second neti pot I purchased for myself (I keep one in my suitcase). I also bought one to give as a gift. 3 of my friends have also purchased them. The quality is excellent, far better than the plastic ones I`ve seen. Neti & the use of Breathe Right strips has eliminated my sleep apnea.

The product was exactly what we were looking.

Thank you.

I love this method. So far so good. It is easier than I thought, but I think the video was essential in learning the proper technique. I am feeling very clear and I quit taking my allergy medicine. SO, we`ll see how that goes. Usually I can`t be off the meds for longer than a week before I start getting congested and having sinus headaches.I feel just fine.

find salt convenient when using the pot.

I did receive my order in a timely manner. Thank you so much for keeping me updated about my order.
The products and made a difference with my sinus problems and I have not had to give myself injections since using the pot.

Thank you again

Linda Kusske

The neti pot has been extremely helpful in reducing the nasal congestion I suffer due to allergies. Thank you!

I say okay because I am happy with the Tulsi tea but was not happy with the salt packets. Maybe it is too much salt in the packet or maybe there needs to be a little sodium bicarb in the packet. I did try using 1/2 packet but still have the burning and stinging. I have use Nelimed prior to ordering these salt packets. The Nelimed never stings or burns.
I am still interested in purchasing a yoga mat but you have not had them in stock.

Thank you for the wonderful neti pots. Shipping was quick, too!


Thank you for your mail. We received the Neti Pot and salt and
were grateful for the fast delivery and your excellent service.

We purchased the Neti Pot for my daughter and she tells us
that she is very satisfied with it and she is feeling much clearer.
She has told some workmates of the Neti Pot and they have
expressed interest. Of course she has passed on your details
to them.

Greg Martyr
Melbourne Australia

My boyfriend loved his new Neti Pot!!!! And it arrived in a very timely manner. Thank You!!!!

Everything arrived promptly and is of the highest quality. Thank you!

Absolutely nothing I`ve tried has made such a difference in my rosacea/acne as the Neem Cream and Skin Aura - amazing stuff.

Review not Provided.

Excellent quality and fast shipping. I will be doing business on a regular basis. thanks

I received my order and am pleased with the results I`ve had using the Jala Neti pot. Your video was well done and very helpful in getting me started without problems.

Thank you so much for the delivery of my Neti Pot. I actually had to purchase another one before I recieved your`s because I was in such pain from a sinus infection/possibly blockage. I immediately felt better w/in two uses of the neti put which I used w/the salt and grapeseed extract. I was skepital in the beginning but after such an improvement I now recommend to everyone that mentions sinus issue`s.... A couple of people have already purchased Neti Pots since my experience. Thank you so very much! Gayle Sams ~ Tucson, AZ

I use my neti pot. I was please that it can tolerate traveling because it is made of stainless steel. BUT after a few days, the nozzle`s inside started to RUST. I clen as much as I could but the rust stayed. When I saw another rust starting on the other end of the tube. I discarded the item and purchase a plastic model from Wholefoods store. Its small but no RUST. I don`t want ruct into my sinus!

Review not Provided.

I did receive the pkg in a timely manner but the box was destroyed and haphaserdly put together. There was salt all over the pkg b/c several had busted> I am very happy with the netty pot but disappointed with the care that it was sent. Also, the tongue cleaner was bent badley.

I am happy with my purchase. arrived pretty quickly. information on website was helpful in deciding on my purchase.

I love the neti pot. It helps keep my sinuses clear.

I was a little nervous using Neti Pot, but the instruction booklet made it very easy to use for the first time and I have been using it non stop ever since. They items purchased arrived quickly. The onlyl problem I have is getting it away from my husband as he loves it too.

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the Neti Pot and the convenience of the salt packets.
When I received the package, it looked like it had been ripped up and taped back together several times..... The inner Neti box was ripped up, and the Pot itself has matching dents on opposite sides. It works well, it doesn`t leak, so I didn`t complain of the condition.

Review not Provided.

Always a pleasure using your neti pot and salt. Am trying to convince other sinus sufferers to try it. Might be ordering some to give as gifts.

As usual, your service was excellent. I love your products and wish you continued success in 2008. Sincerely, Sylvia from San Diego

got the package. everything is great.

Very satisfied. Product exactly as stated. Service exactly as stated. Fast shipping. Would highly recommend.

Very quick service. Good packaging.

I am very satisfied with my order and how quickly it came. Thank you.

Thanks for the speedy delivery and curtious service. I will recommend your site to others. Have a wonderful day!

Yes, I received them in good order and it works very well. Thanks much. I have recommended this to a few friends who have chipped or broken their original Neti pots. I love the shape and ease of use.

Fast shipping. Great product. Thanks!

I appreciate the sturdiness of the pot. I would prefer a narrower neck as I have some arthritis in my hands and have trouble holding it in the right position. However, I would recommend your product.

Received product timely. Have been using for two weeks and definitely have seen improvement in sinus health. Good custoemr service too. Thanks!

Excellent Neti pot. I have alliviated a lot of my sinus problems just within a few weeks. I highly recommend the Neti pot to anyone who suffers from sinus troubles.

Received products and have not tried them yet. Planning on doing that this weekend. I have sinus problems so am hopeful this will work.

I love my Stainless Steel Neti Pot! It is the greatest health product I have ever purchased! The pre-measured salt packets are a dream. I don`t have to fumble with a large salt container. I just pour the packet into the Pot. I wish everyone would try it!

The Jal Neti Pots have been a boon to my allergies. While not completely treated, my allergic symptoms have been greatly reduced. Red, itchy eyes and nose are really improved. Because I travel a lot, the packets of salt are handy. They are quite a bit more expensive than the jars of locally available neti salts. Keep up the good work!

Review not Provided.

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed to report that the cd-rom was not included with my order and has still not been received. This needs to be corrected immediately. Paul Sellitto

this was a good experance in on line ording , everything went just the way it should , good job!!and thank you

I did receive the item and I am pleased with not only the purchase but the service as well. Thanks. ~ Jonathan Fellion

your shipping was correct and the quality of the goods is OK Thank you


Received the shipment in the time frame indicated and the product is as advertised. Thanks for your efforts.

I was delighted to receive my products. They arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I love the neti pot; it has improved my nasal health enormously. I still have not succeeded in having my mother try it. Keep up the great work. The world needs you.

good product. thanks.

I ordered this product on August 22, you confirmed the order on August 23. I e-mailed you on Sept. 13 that I had never received it, you responded that you would look into it. It is now Sept. 24th. I have not yet received my order. I would like to receive this ASAP. Perhaps it was lost? Please send out another. I am beginning to lose patience.

The items arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for sending them so quickly. The items, as expected, are great and will be coming back again.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the long explanation of how to use the netti pot and the fact that it is best of seek out someone to show me directly. I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks, but I do intend to read instructions again and feel confident I can master the technique. I have used other methods of saline rinsing but am told this is the best.

Salt packets arrived as you stated. Thanks for the great service. Chris

Thank You!!! I love my neti pot. The design is much better than my old one. I love that it is unbreakable - great for traveling. I also like the size - it is so nice to be able to cleanse both nostrils with one pot of water. I like the website. I felt very comfortable ordering from it. The delivery of my shipment was good. I will order again from you!!

Review not Provided.

You are attending to a problem I am experiencing with my neti pot (a rusting neck. I would have liked to had more information about the Amritdhara Supplement that I purchased.

All products were received in a timely manner. I haven't tried each product yet but I am pleased so far with all the ones I have tried. Thanks.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. My order came very quickly and as expected. It has helped me more than I can tell you. I am still trying to "get the flow" perfect somedays. It really does help with bad sinus headaches...I will be informing my doctor of Jalaneti. She informed me I would just have to deal with these headaches and learn to manage I know better...Neti was my last resort..thank you, you've given me my sanity back.

I am very satified with my recent purchase. Product was delivered quickly too!

Great product, & love the communication/customer service.

It was received promptly, and as ordered, which is appreciated.

It's a quality product which should produce beneficial results for years to come.

I would have selected "good" but my order was missing one tongue scraper and I sent an e-mail but I got an automated reply that my order should arrive soon and was unable to be tracked. My e-mail said that my order had arrived except for one tongue scraper so I don't think anyone read my message. I have since moved and have a new address: 1518 Drake Drive Erie, PA 16505 I love the neti pots, though. My husband and I really notice a difference when I use them. There are several people I have told about them and I am even planning to buy a few more as gifts, but I wish it was easier to figure out how to send a customer service problem to a real person.

Quick delivery. Product exactly as described. Works wonderfully.

Thank You

Thank you for the great service!

Shipment was prompt; it is a very good item--the stainless steel neti pot--I must use it often, for good results. Thank you for your excellent service.

Hello, Everything arrived rapidly and in great condition. The technique was easy to learn. The instruction booklet was very clear, simple and helpful. I can't believe how much mucus I've been elininating. At times I eliminate very thick (almost rubbery) mucous. I suspect it's very deep in the upper sinuses. There is just one sad note. Last week I lost my instruction booklet, without which I cannot go onto the second stage. Is there any way I could get another booklet? I am very satisfied with your product and I have talked about it to other people. Thank you very much, Dennis Angers,Canada

I am very happy with my netti pot. I need to order more salt. How do zi order salt for my netti pot?

thanks, great

Review not Provided.

I would actually like to select better than good! The product I ordered arrived in good time and the instructions included with the neti pot were easy to follow. I use my neti pot on a daily basis and I have noticed a significant improvement in my allergy and sinus condition, much to my relief since Phoenix, Arizona is experiencing a really bad allergy season this year. I have recommended this product and your services to several friends. You have definitely been a great benefit to me!

Thank you so much for my Neti Pot. Your service and support system are excellent and I've never seen better. My Neti Pot is giving me relief from years of not being able to breath without medication. I can now breath clearly when I wake up in the morning and remain clear all day long. I recently got a cold and within 2 days of using the Neti Pot my head was clear again and my ears quit hurting me. I had suffered from an ear ache and sinus infection for about 2 months before starting to use my Neti Pot and now both problems have been cleared up. I have referred my friends and family to you thru the referral program and hope they give it a try since I know they would enjoy relief from their sinus problems. Thank you again for a great product, easy to follow instructions and excellent customer support. Michele Rozell

Great response and product... Appreciate doing business with you... Thanks STeven

Review not Provided.

This is the second time I've ordered from Health & Yoga and I have been very pleased both times. Thank you for your exceptional service and products as well as the wealth of wellness information you offer.

You offer great products and I am glad I found you on the internet. Keep up the good work!

Thank You, it arrived sooner than I expected!

My Neti pot and tongue cleaner have been invaluable tools to promote my personal health and hygiene. The products arrived in a timely manner and have functioned beyond expectations. The support of infomation on use of the Neti pot has been very helpful as well.

I have not yet received my order of 1 stainless steel neti pot.

Great. The product is of high quality. Fast shipping. Very happy with my first transaction with Health & Yoga, and look forward to doing buisness again. Thank You

Received the package.

Excellent service and very high quality products!! You will have more business from me without hesitation. Thank You

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my recent purchase of the Jala Neti Kit. The video really simplified the method. I look foreward to looking into some of your other products. Sincerely, Janice Perkins

I purchased the neti pot and salt for a Christmas gift. I had previously purchased one for myself and it has really improved my sinus problems. I no longer must go to see a doctor every 2-3 months to clear up a sinus infection. Thanks.

Excellent service, as always. Namaste

I got my Neti Pot before the holidays and to be truthful have not used it yet due to lots of travel. Now that my routine is back to normal I will start to use daily...thank you!!

I ordered one for me and one for my daughter. I have been using mine daily and really feel a difference.

Thank you for your inquiry. Everything was received in timely manner.

thank you, i am pleased with my order; the neem sandal cream seems to be of especially high quality. also, as i am in the military/use military mail routes, your diligent notification/tracking system lessens the stress of potential mailing difficulties, which happen with greater frequency for military personnel like myself. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

I got the neti pot salt order in the indicated time. However, there was loose salt in the box. I just came across one packet that was empty but did not show any rips or tears or openings in the packet. Otherwise, I feel you provide a good product.

Review not Provided.

I love it. I just got a sinus infection and it is really working to clean out my sinuses. I have been very pleased with it. I have used the syringe in the past but I feel this works much better......especially, Stage 2. I will definitely recommend it to others. In fact, my grandson has allergies and asthma and I have already mentioned it to my daughter. Thank you for sending the product out so quickly. I received it 5-6 days after I ordered it.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my order quickly and am very satisfied with the products. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with your service and the products. Jackie Rosenkranz

I read the entire jala neti manual. I found it helpful and enjoyable. I also appreciated the links in the manual and then read the entire sinus health web page as suggested in the booklet and found that extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

Excellent products and service. Very fast shipping. Many thanks!!

Thank you for your follow up. The products were received on time and are of very good quality.

Why does the soap leave a dark residue? It washes off, but it is very weird.

great!! fast delivery and good quality products. Keep on the good work.

very satisfied

shipment was received. Honestly, I haven't tried it yet ... a bit nervous about it, but I will eventually.

I am already a satisfied customer. Your packets were well packed and arrived quickly. I appreciate the sale price!

product arrived quickly, very pleased. thank you

Review not Provided.

I received shipment in 7 days. Excellent service! Everything was as described.

Review not Provided.

The system works great however one pot after only one use has small eroded areas on the inside. Not sure if it is going to continue to break down.

The product is wonderful! Best thing I ever did for my sinus' health. I no longer have to take daily doses of pain meds and decongestants. I didn't expect miracles- I still have some sinus problems. But this product and it's use has far exceeded my expectations!

Seems to be a high quality product and lives up to the sites claims. The Neti Pots are easy to use and effective for allergies. I'm sold. Fast shipment, polite and curteous customer service. Thanks!

I received my package earlier than I expected. Thank you!

I was amazed at the relief I gained from using the neti pot. The directions were easily followed. The only problem that I had is that I paid for expedited shipping and I found that to be kind of slow. Still, I am quite satisfied. Thank you. Tamara Walker

The pot received and we have successfully learned the procedure. We are satisfied with the product.

I love my Neti, but the dvd wasn't readable past the first step.

Everything arrived as promised and earlier than expected. So far, product appears to improve my nasal allergy situation, having only used it for a week or so.

I love this pot! I have had others before, but this is by far the best, the spout is unbelievable! Also, the salt is wonderful, and the instructions are easy to read and really make the entire process less intimidating. I have gotten so much more out of this pot and instructions etc. than any of the others I have tried, by far. Thank you so much!!!!!

The CD ROM only works on Windows. We only have MAC computers, as do most of the people that we know. This wasn't even noted on the web-page anywhere. :\ You guys should have a MAC version or web version available. Also the neti pot spills water off of the top when using it no matter how careful we try to be with it. I have since seen other versions that have addressed this problem by having a piece of metal (or ceramic, depending on what the neti pot is made of) cover the opening part way .... enough to prevent spilling.

recieved fast and as stated... Good job!

Product arrived in a timely fashion! Will definitely purchase from you again..... Dave

Review not Provided.


product was received quickly and without any hassles! Thank you!

I have a deviated septum so it feels weird to use but seems to work pretty good.

Product works very well and was received in a timely manner. Thank you so much!

Great service and great product. I can't believe I've lived with so many allergy/sinus problems for so long without my neti pot. I felt much better after just a couple of days.

Review not Provided.

Somebody had opened a parcel. I guess that was customs who did it. Everything was in the parcel, except, Tea was opened and put back. Overall, I am satisfied.

I have been helped a lot by stage 1 neti pot use. I even sleep better, deeper. It is still odd to do and I haven't mastered it yet, but it is definitely worthwhile to do and giving me a lot of relief. Thank you.

I have not used the product yet, but will probably do so this weekend.

Great spped with the shipment thanks

Beautiful products! Super fast delivery. Thank you so much. God Bless you.

I did not receive the CD. My email concerning this and your reply that it would be sent soon seems to be a joke as I read this email today. My hope is that you would supply all products that I paid for.

Thanks so much. The package arrived in good time and in perfect condition. I am most satisfied with your service and products and have no complaints or suggestions. Namaste, Barb

I received my order very quickly. The quality of the product was exactly as described and I am extremely pleased--I even got the same products for my mother!!

Fast results and great products!

Yes, the order was received and I absolutely love your jala neti pot. I feel like a new person since I've been using my jala neti pot daily and will continue to order and recommend your products to friends and colleagues in the future. Many thanks.

received everything without a problem. thank you

I like the Neti pot set; works great, shipping was even faster than advertised!

I have ordered twice from your company and have twice been happy with your service and products. Thanks

Your service was quick and prompt. Your product is fantastic and has already made a huge difference in my breathing. I was also glad the pot is not breakable,as I did drop it!!! I will be ordering more salt soon.Thanks again!!

Everything was excellent! You kept sending me updates via email, so I was aware of the order status the entire time. Excellent product (I will be buying one for my Father-in-Law soon). I will definitely buy from Health & Yoga again. Thank you, Rodney Johnson.

i wish i knew about your referral program, as the last order was for a friend with sinus probs. I enjoy not having to use decongestants or like drugs as often as i use to...although its hard to remember when i last had to. I showed my friend how to use the neti pot but he is as apprehensive as i was when i first got it. I thot i was silly for waiting to reap the benefits as he is doing the same thing now! LOL, thanks again, Michael

Arrived quickly. Quality of the product was exactly what I expected. Thank you.

I was super super impressed with the speed of your shipping! The Jala Neti pot is beautiful, well-crafted and works extremely well! The toothpaste is a favorite in our house, and I was very pleased with your customer service regarding my billing. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with you. Thank you. Please use me as a reference if you so desire.

The customer service was great. I love my jalaneti pot. Thank you.

I am most satisfied and happy with my Neti Pot. Even though at first the thought of sending water through my nose made me a little apprehensive, from the very first time I used it I could sense the benefits, and I was delighted to find how easy it is to use - which I now do every morning! Thanks for the Neti Pot! Ron Noble

I enjoy using the neti salt provided by you. My neti pot, also bought at your site, using the neti salt has provided me with greater ability to breathe clearly after surgery on my septum. I breathe easier, and my head feels clearer.

I am happy and figuring out my neti pot. THere is a little black spot inside the pot that looks like it might be a stain. I know it is stainless steel but it looks like something on the inside of a teapot. I would like to send it back but can't be without it! What should I do. YOu know what - I haven't been sneezy and feel so much different. My head seems clearer and I can tell when I need to use my pot!

Review not Provided.

happy happy happy... love the tongue cleaner, I lost the one I had before and couldn't find a better one than yours...and I live in Los Angeles.

I have been using this product for several weeks. It does provide me with instant relief. I am looking forward to even more improvement after continued use. I have recommended it to my mother-in-law. It is an excellent product.

My order was received promptly, and I have been happy to use your products and enjoy better health. Thank you.

Thank you! I received my Neti pot, salt, and training video quickly. The pot works very well and I am very satisfied with your products and your service.

Quick delivery, excellent product, very satisfied thank you

i bought this as a gift for a friend, so I cannot comment on the product itself. I was truly impressed with how quickly I received my order.

Keep up the Good Service

Excellent communication. Very quick delivery. Product as described. Highly recommended.

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is fantastic thank you. Delivery was super fast. Was a pleasure doing business with you and i will be telling my friends about this service and product. I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future. Again, thank you. Vikki

Getting the water to flow through both nostrils has been a challenge because my nose is almost always stuffed up. I'm usually able to get it to flow through one side, but not the other ( except for an ocassional drop or two) during each session. The one time that I did get it to flow through both sides was a great experience. I'm hoping that with repeated use of the netti pot, I'll have more sucessful experiences.

Order arrived very promptly. I was very happy with the product.

The order arrived quickly and in good shape. It's great tosee a company so concerned about their customers. It's a rarity in todays world.

great stuff - shipping was fast!!

very rapid service (greatly appreciated). The products work well, although the quantity of salt in each packet seems to be too much for one full neti pot of water, and therefore burns the nose a bit. I use about one-half packet for more comfort. You might verify that one packet makes up a 0.9% salt solution, and adjust the salt quantity per packet as necessary. thank you, david tovey

Your product is wonderful for a chronic sinus case like mine. Looked into this on advise from my doctor of 17 years. I am using it 2 to 3 times a day, and so far it really helps. Although not a yoga participant, I am absolutely sold on this product and concept. When your body is made to live in a climate where germs/pollen, etc. are killed, and you must then live in a place where they are not, do whatever you must do keep healthy! Sincerely, Valeria Linn

I was vey pleased with the entire process. My package arrived very quickly. I really like the neti pot and appreciate the convenience of the pre-measured packets of salt. Thank you

Everything was well packed and I enjoyed all the products. I had one problem with the shower back brush though. It fell apart into three pieces after I used it only twice. Looks like the glue is not good.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service and will definately use you again.

Review not Provided.

very satisfied. it arrived much faster then i expected. order was complete, packaged well and very much what was promised. thanks

Delivery was faster than expected, and I have been pleased with my purchase (two neti pots). It seems to have made a big improvement in my sinus health, even managing to not get sick when others in my house did. I'm usually the first sick and the last to recover.

Online ordering was easy and simple. Delivery was quick.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I'm having good success with the neti pot and my sinuses. I have not given the second one to my son yet to try. I know he is going to resist and reject using it so I thought I would wait until some time when he is having more significnat allergy/sinus trouble such as when tree pollen is a problem in a couple of months. I really like the toothpaste. I will probably order some more of it at some point.

Everything arrived ship-shape and as-anticipated.

I got my stuff quickly even though it was the holidays. My Dad loves his Neti Pot. It has already help him feel better. My sister loves the 8-week Yoga course. The section on Conditions and Disorders is amazing!!

Review not Provided.

I received my order very quickly and I'm very satisfied with it. The steel Neti pot is just amazing, easy to clean and great to travel with. The salt packets are also very convenient when you are in a hurry or don't have access to salt. I find them great for traveling purposes. However, one point to improve is that while I didn't have any problems at home, I noticed that humidity gets to the salt easily in very humid places and it makes the salt to lump in the packet. It doesn't affect the salt's performance, but using a material which provides a better seal against humidity in the packing can definitely improve the product. The video is very clear too and has helped me develop the initial steps in Jalaneti. I'd suggest to include chapters for preparation, stage 1 and stage 2. I was a bit disappointed not to see the demonstration or instructions on how to perform stage 3 of Jalanet (in through the mouth and out through the nose). Overall, I am fully satisfied with my purchase, and have been positively surprised to see your post-sale questionnaire. Keep it up! regards Francisco Almendra

I am very pleased with my purchase. The cleansing procedure is very satisfying and I am encouraging my family to try it. Thank you.

Thanks for sending the goodies expediently. We're enjoying the neti pots--the instructions are very helpful and easy to follow.

Thankyou. I received the order in a timely manner and am enjoying the products. I anticipate ordering from you again in the future. Happy New Year.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

very pleased with unit and results

i got it quickly, it is just what you promised, thank you and peace

Merchandise arrived on the exact day you said it would. Everything was in good condition. I am satisfied with the quality of the products. I'm using the Neti pot every day and am pleased with what it does for me. Your video is a good demonstration of using the Neti pot. It did help - a picture is worth a thousand words (as it were). The one negative I have for you is that the audio portion of your video is terrible. Redubbing the audio at a lower volume would greatly improve it. Thank you for asking and thank you for your service. - Very satisfied customer!

Great Service. I really love the product. Nice doing business with you. :)


Very good service, I received the product in a short time

Thank you very much. I am using this everyday and am so happy about this purchase. It also came much sooner than anticipated.

everything arrived really quickly and in good condition - thanks!

I received my neti pot very quickly, thank-you! I was expecting it to take 10-15 days to arrive, but it arrived in about 5, so it was a nice surprise.

Everything is satisfactory and arrived quickly. Thank you.

I had no problems in receiving the shipment, and the product was in fine shape. I have no complaints at all. Thank you.

I received my products on time and find them to be quality items.The instuctions were very well done and easy to follow.We have been enjoying the use of our neti pots and use them every day. Thank You, Jim Curley

EXCELLENT--EXCELLENT--EXCELLENT!! Love your product, my friend who is a yoga instructor and received the 2nd pot loved the product, shipping was prompt, and communication has been very positive. Thanks for the great transaction! Krista

Love the tongue scraper and the Neti Pot!!! I have been recommending the Neti Pot to everyone. I have never breathed so well!

Arrived quickly and was just what we wanted! Thanks.

I received my order without any problems and am very pleased with the results. The jala neti pot has worked wonders for my allergies and sinuses! I wish I'd discovered this years ago! Thank you!

The Neti pot was most satisfactory and effective. The salt was very good. I am very pleased and will make future purchases from your site. Thank You!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

We received the item very quickly! It was packed very well and we are very satisfied with the product. Thank you!

I received my order in timely fashion, and I am completely satisfied with your service and the products that were purchased. Thank You.

I received my pot. thank you. I have not taken the time to try it yet. I wish I had more information for you. Your customer service is outstanding. Thanks again. Erin

Dear Health and Yoga, Yes, I received my order in about a week to 10 days. I'm glad we purchased the video along with the jalaneti pot -- a visual explanation was helpful in getting started and it also encourages one to relax during the procedure. Using the jalaneti pot has become part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth. It's too bad that more people from the western culture aren't open to procedures like using a jalaneti pot. I remember having a doctor rinse my sinuses out with a warm saline solution -- this was 40 years ago -- very similar to using a neti pot. I live in the Caribbean Islands and we are constantly exposed to volcanic ash in the air from neighboring Monserrat and we also in the path of the African dust that travels across the globe during the hurricane season. I don't get sinus headaches since I started rinsing my sinuses. I highly recommend a jalaneti pot to anyone who suffers with sinus headaches. The price of the jalaneti pot, salts and video is less than the cost of 1 sinus prescription -- and much healthier for you. Sincerely, Tom in the US Virgin Islands

Thank you .... i have reieved the products in great condition

I love the Neti Pot! But I find the tounge cleaner insulting. To entice customers to add the tongue cleaner, with promises of excellence, is deceptive. It's a cheap piece of copper that can barely be held! There are much superior tongue cleaners on the market, such as the Orasweet plastic. I already own the orasweet, but felt your tongue cleaner may be superior somehow. I was so disappointed I threw it in the trash in frustration. Please either get a better tongue cleaner to sell, or at least show a picture of it. If the money goes to help the poor or something, customers may buy it even if they don't expect to like it.

I have been using the product diligently and have noticed a definite difference in my ability to breath. It feels wonderful not to have a constant stuffy nose.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I'm very happy with Netipot. Very well made. Your service was great. Thank you

Products are "different" but extremely practical! Exceptionally well made! Thank you!! F. Karaway

My order was received sooner than I expected. The packets are wonderful. They make the use of my neti pot much easier with no worry about salt amounts.

Smooth operation. Thank you!

Exactly as described. Very helpful instructions. Thanks.

Good Product and fast shipping. Very pleased.

The stainless steel pot is fine. The CD was invaluable for teaching me how to use the poat - the booklet would not have been sufficient. The salt looked fine, but, when I opened the first of the larger envelopes containing individual packets, I noticed some of the packets were slightly darker than white and felt that they were definitely damp. Two of the envelopes were this way. I have now dried the little packets in my oven and they seem to be OK. What could have made these packets damp? The outside of the package was not wet at all - just some packets inside 2 envelopes, as if the salt was packed while wet.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The product is by far the best on the market, the seller is wonderful to deal with, the prices are more reasonable than one can buy a small, breakable neti pot for (amazing) and the shipping is fast. This seller is a blessing. Namaste, Kellee

Very pleased that it was so easy to order on line and the products came so fast. Thank you. erb

Arrived really quickly but the pot was not wrapped in anything to protect it. It has one small dent in it.

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the speed and efficient sevice you provided.The 1-jala neti kit arrive O.K.and i am pleased with the quality. As for, as it helped my sinus allergy. I have suffered with this allergy over 3 years and have seen specialists at the local hospital they prescribed verious medication none really help.I was trying the Jala neti as a last resort and to my relief and amasement on the first application it took away the irritation and now after 3 weeks it still is giving total relief.

Thanks so much. My package arrived on time and the items I purchased are extremely helpful. I'll keep Health & Yoga in mind for future purchases.

Thank you very much - my jala neti pot arrived quickly and I am well pleased with the product, directions, and salt packets. I am having good results with the pot and telling friends about it.

Thank you for your quick and efficient service!

Review not Provided.

yes, I received my neti pot and have been using it. I have so far purchased 3 of them and have given two as gifts

I received my Neti salt very soon after ordering. Thank you very much.

I am really enjoying the product. because i am greatly satisfied, i am going to continue ordering products from your company. Thank you!

My neti pots arrived unscathed. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they arrived. Placing the order was simple, you all have a great website. Thank you for excellent customer service--you should have "excellent" as a choice on the feedback form, I would have checked it! Mary

I ordered this previously for myself and use it often. My neighbor has parkinson and has a lot of trouble with sinus drainage and has used your product and finds it to be very useful and helpful for his condition. He told his son about it and I am sure he ordered one for himself.

I recieved the products I ordered very quickly. Everything was is excellent shape, and the Netti Pot is the most incredible item ever. I am so pleased with your company. Thank you so much. Devry McAdams

I received my order very promptly !!! I love the service that Health&Yoga provides always with excellence. Please continue to spoil me with all of your wonderful products!! Thank You, Ms. Angela Washington

Thank you for sending my order promptly.

I always receive my orders quickly. I LOVE my neti pot, and the recent purchase of the special salt made a great difference.

I'm appreciating learning to work with it .. thank you

Neti pot is great. Thanks!

You have wonderful products and excellent customer service

I received everything in prestine condition. The jala neti pot is great and I use it everyday. Me and my sinus thank you kindly. :-)

My order came swiftly and the product was ideal. Until now I have been unable to find a local vendor of quality yoga merchandise. Many thanx.

Review not Provided.

My neighbor and I have both used your Neti pots and are enjoying real sinus relief. Thanks!

Everything about the order/transaction was smooth. We love our neti pots and the salt packets are a brilliant idea. Namaste.

Hi, i received the product. Though i started using it,,my nasal blockages are still troubling me! i would be grateful to you,,if u provide me with more information on this product. thnx, Hasham.

Review not Provided.

Quick delivery of good quality products at a fair price.

Very impressive delivery delays for Europe. Items came in perfect condition. I won't hesitate to order again.

Review not Provided.

I want to thank you for your excellent work. The items I ordered got here very quickly and I really enjoyed them. I am 100% satisfied. Take care

I am very satisfied with everthing. thank you

I have been very pleased with the product.

I really enjoy the Neti pot, and when I ordered the salts the shipping was quick and the product is excellent. Thanks a lot!

Review not Provided.

The neti pots arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The CD was very helpful.

Hello Health and Yoga, You product has been amazing! It has helped my husbands overall health tremendously. His allergies have lessened, his breathing has improved and he says he hasn't felt this healthy in a long time. I have recommended Jalaneti to many of my friends, family and co-workers through your site, and I will continue to use mine for a lifetime. Thank you very much. Kimberly Kaufman

Product was great and the shipping was very timely. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Product arrived in the UK 3 to 4 working days from order placement which was good. E-mail updates useful to reassure that the order was progressing. No hesitation in using you again.

Fast service, good quality. thanks

I was wondering aboout some tiny flexs of rust colored material in most of the packets of salt I received. Are these harmful to use? Thank you. Deborah Baker

Everything arrived in a timely manner---Great service!

Excellent product, great service. Thanks so much.

i received the product and i love it. thanks for shipping so fast. anita miller

Review not Provided.

I'm very happy with your service and the quality of the product. Thank you!---------------- 3/18/05---------------

Namaste: Recieved Netipot quickly. Very happy with it. Thank you. alice lee smith

the shipment was fast and the product excellent!!

Thank you so much!! Package arrived in a timely manner in great condition with no damages to contents. I will advise my friends to order from you. Your neti pots really do away with sinus ailments. Thanks!!

Still haven't received the salt packets.

I wish you had an option for 'Excellent' on your feedback form. While it is standard for good companies to notify the customer when an order is processed and then shipped, I have never had anyone contact me to confirm that I received the product. I am very impressed! I finished treatment for cancer about one year ago. As a result of the illness, treatment and an extremely compromised immune system, I have developed allergies and have been experiencing a lot of soreness and irritation in my nasal passages as well as sinus pressure. My doctor says this is likely to continue the rest of my life (which sounds bad, until you consider how much worse it could be; in comparison to further illness, a sore nose is no big deal!) Two co-workers had recommended a Neti pot to me. I did a search on line, and chose the stainless steel one (I liked the size and the fact that it's unbreakable). At any rate, I love it and I'm so glad I listened to them! It didn't take long at all to learn how to use it, and I find that the soreness disappears almost right away. I also like the fact that I can find relief without turning to medication. It is also easier for me to inhale through my nose when I'm exercising - something I have always found difficult. So thanks for the great product and the great service; I am already telling other friends about it. Rachel Debasitis Woodstock, VT

I received my neti pot and I absolutely love it. I have been having a lot of sinus problems this winter and the neti pot has been a life saver. Delivery on my order was very fast too. Thank you

Yes, I have received the rodere sometime ago.

I loved your Jala Neti Pot. I have been wanting to get this item for a long time since I heard that nursal cleansing can prevent to catch a cold. Fortunately, I don't have any allergy but this item is really good for healthy people. Using Jala Neti Pot before practicing Yoga, or another excercising gives me a best concentration. Now, I recommend this Jala Neti Pot to my co-lleagues and my friends. Thank you very much.

Review not Provided.

Thank you very much, your neti pot is great and the instructions very valuable. I wished I had discovered this hygienic method long ago. thanks, Eric Gibson

I received my order quickly and it works great! Thanks so much

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great products and fast shipping. Thank you!

very happy with service and general info received

Have been using Neti pot daily since I got it, and it is wonderful. I already had a cold when I received it, and it really helped me "clear out" the problem.

I was very pleased with my order and the speedyness of its arrival. I would surely order from you again.And have refered friends to your site and products

I have everything. Thank you for the follow up! What great customer service!!! I am benefiting greatly from my Neti pot and have recommended it to several people with like sinus conditions. Both of my children have even tried it and it knocked out my sons cold in less than 3 days. I am using it twice daily and breathing like I haven't breathed in years. I decided to buy it when I got yet another sinus infection in the middle of a 10 day antibiotic treatment. No more medicine for me!!! Thank you so much.

This is my first experience with a neti pot. The CD-rom was very helpful, the pot easy to use.One of my adult sons tried it and felt much better--he now uses it twice a day. Thanks so much--we are very grateful! Namaste. --Leslie D.

I love my Neti pot! It feels wonderful and it was very easy to learn.(the cd-rom was a great help)The tongue cleaner also works well. I will definately use your company again and recommend you to others

It was a very easy and quick internet purchase with lots of good emails on the status of my order. Thanks!

Shipping was quicker than expected and the quality of the product was excellent. Thank you for your service.

Thank you for your follow-up email. You are one of the few companies with such attention to detail! I received my salt very quickly and am pleased with every aspect of what you do. Keep it up and the world will beat a path to your door.

I really like the Neti pot, the CD rom is very helpful... I appreciate the timely delivery of the product as well... I will order from you in the future if I ever buy a Neti pot as a gift for anyone. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Have been using my neti pot for several weeks now and feel that my breathing has improved. I have had sinus stuffiness for years and I think this is helping. It's definitely part of my morning routine. Thanks!

The neti pot works just fine....Thank you

Review not Provided.

October 30, 2004 To whom it may concern, I am very satisfied with my stainless steel Neti Pot. I received it with no problem at all. I have noticed that I have alot less sinus pressure and look forward to using my Neti Pot daily. Your Neti Pot is superior the the ones I have seen in various health food stores. It is roughed and holds more fluid than the ceramic ones I have seen. In the future, I would be interested in learning some of the more advanced stages of this cleansing process. What would you suggest for me to do? Thanks, Mary Crooker Mesa, Arizona

the products have been received. We have as yet to try them. We''ll get back toyou if we have any questios or concerns. thanks-

Great products! Thank you! They came packaged very well. I will purphase from you again.

Review not Provided.

I have received everything, thank you. Everything has met my expectations so far. Shipping, however, I find to be very expensive, especially for small items like toothpaste. Have you considered getting a small warehouse in the US?

great product and excellent price. I'm very pleased with quality, customer service and the speed of delivery. Will definitely buy from again! Thanks

Hi, Yes everything arrived in great shape and at a very fast speed. You should have one more box to check to mark as Excellent in front of Good! I am very pleased with everything and I will be ordering more products from you in the future as well as getting into your affiliate program. Thank you for your great follow-up. Bruce Gross

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I did receive my neti pot and salt order and I am very happy with it. It is much more comfortable to use than the plastic neti pot and I also really like that it holds more water so I don't have to keep refilling it to finish. Thanks for such great customer service and great products.

Review not Provided.

Thanks for a well made product that relieves my nose and sinus problems.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Packing was a bit rough/battered but the contents came through fine. The neti pot is wonderful. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Everything as described. Thanks a lot

Review not Provided.

Some of the jalaneti salt packets were broken.

thanks very much, very nice

I am very happy with the product. Just one questions, the cd that accompanied the product, would it be possible to get another? For some reason, the one I received appeared to be damaged.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thank you!

Very satisfied with service and product.Will be inclined to purchase again. Thank you!

I love the products. The tongue cleaner really helps to make my mouth feel cleaner. The toothpaste does the same. And the neti pot keeps my problem sinuses quite clear. I've yet to convince my husband to try it, but I'm working on that. They were received in a timely manner, albeit a little wet from the rain. But everything was in good condition. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the products I purchased. Also, the service and communication is faster than in the states (USA) It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will be back for more of your wonderful products. Thanx... Kathie NY,USA

Review not Provided.

The netty pot seems to sometimes have an adverse effect - making me more rather than less congested, so I don't use it much.

Everything arrived speedily. The salt packets were all loose in the box. No big deal since they are packets and not loose salt. I usually use Hains Sea Salt, but I'll be taking a trip soon, and the packets seemed like a practical idea. The incense stayed nicely in its boxes. I like the ones I've tried so far. Thanks. Lois

Very pleased with product and service. Thank you.

After using it for the first time, it was easy to use. My wife says that I don't snore as loud. I don't have the headaches any more. I told my sister about and she is trying it now. Thanks! Michael Simpson

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.
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