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  • Leak-Proof Set of 2 eye wash cups with Storage Case: For Hassle-free, tidy and effective eye cleansing; Hygienic
  • Crystal Clear Transparency; 100% Safe for eyes; Rounded Smooth Edges For comfort fit around sensitive Eyes Area
  • This Eye Rinse Kit provides Proper Cupping around eyes; Each cup holds approx 10ml of water or prescribed liquid; Strong, Unbreakable
  • Material: Superior Grade Plastic; Size: 2inch X 1 inch; Easy to clean eyes from loose lashes, allergens & debris while keeping eyes cool and healthy
  • Comes with an self-standing mount to keep eye cleansing liquid pure & untouched; Clean with Soapy Wash

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We all know that the eye is a vital and one of the most sensitive organs in our body. This cleansing technique is a key to purify and detoxify the body and it is a powerful way to remove the excess heat from our body. This extra heat is mostly stored in your eyes; use room temperature water to remove it. With aging we see lots of problems related to eyes. Proper cleansing and maintaining of eyes can retard and even help overcome eye problems and disorders. For centuries in Ayurveda and yoga, this has been a key part of the lifestyle because our eyes collect so much of pollution throughout the day. There is a lot of dust, allergens and trash that our eyes are exposed to. One of the BIGGEST benefits of eye wash cups is that it is a great wake-up call especially in the morning this is when it should be done. BEST way to use is when you wake up or when you are experiencing tired eyes, itchiness; at such times doing a quick eye wash will be hugely helpful. Doing this technique is so fast and it immediately wakes you up as powerfully refreshed. It is a beautiful way to start your day. The UNIQUE feature of this eye rinse kit is that it will make a comfort seal around your eye socket with cup so that there would be no leakage. Feel free to use this as often throughout the day if you need a little wake up or cooling for the body or eyes! This ritual soothes your eyes and retards the build up offs dark circles under the eyes as well as hydrates tired, overworked eyes. Caution : Do NOT use fluoride containing water in your eye rinse kit

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May 28, 2019

Boosting Eye Health through Yoga and Cleansing

Today’s work environment has drastically changed from before—computers and smart phones have become indispensable and consequently, screens are everywhere! In addition, workers are required to sit for long periods at a time and intensely focus on work leading to physical and mental strain. This stra...
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