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Finger & Hand Muscles Joint Massager

  • High quality PVC body, 1 Magnetic ball on tip (360° rotation), 2 Rollers, Granular textured handles for ache-free grip
  • Helps to reduce scar tissue & lesions; loosens tight muscles, maintains the elasticity of fingers & hands
  • Magnetic ball helps to boost immunity to fight against disease of digestive, nervous, circulatory & respiratory system
  • Helpful in finger arthritis, morning stiffness of fingers by improving circulation of blood
  • Helps improve range of motion in fingers after an injury or surgery

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If you spend whole day on laptop and computer, then this is a must have product for you. Apply it to any part of the hand, massage with it gently and eureka here you get beautiful fingers and hands!! Different part of the fingers and hand can be massaged to cure different diseases viz. liver disease, heart disease, backache, fatigue etc. It can be used to massage face, back & foot. This all in 1 product not only gives you beautiful fingers but also gives you a chance to flaunt youthful, rejuvenated hands by increasing elasticity and circulating ample amount of oxygen.

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