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Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer Brace – Adjustable for Customized Fit and Use

  • Warm, breathable, and skin-friendly cotton material – Quick-dry; reduces sweat, no rashes or discomfort; effective moisture management suitable for long hours wearing; washable material for daily use.
  • Fully Adjustable - Adjustable Position of Wrist Support ensures comfort rest as per your arm length; Adjustable and moveable arm band ensures comfort position for varying bicep sizes. Suitable for varying wrist and arm widths as per different body types.
  • Detachable Parts helping Multipurpose Use and Easy Wash – Removable Arm band and Wrist Cuff Support, makes your Brace double up as a Torso brace for Middle back support and Pain Relief; Removable Parts also make for easier wash
  • Easy Self-wear; Lightweight; Comfort broad band Torso support; Superior Heavy Duty Elastic Support for comfort Body support and Arm Support; Excellent Shoulder Immobilization through Arm and Wrist Grip on a Torso Support
  • Suitable for Both Left or Right Shoulder; M / F; Sizing – As per Mid-back circumference (around diaphragm or bottom rib cage – refer size chart); Available in 4 sizes - 22" - 26" , 27" - 33" , 34" - 39" , 40" - 44". Excellent long-hours comfort wear; quick recovery of dislocation, shoulder pain, broken arm, cracks; rotator cuff injuries etc.
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    This sling brace light in weight is an adjustable arm and shoulder brace that keeps the affected part immobilized for quick recovery. These adjustable brace features are made from 100% pure, breathable and skin-friendly cotton material and, for maximum comfort, is paired with a high-quality sponge. With no use of plastic, metal, or any hard materials, this adjustable brace is entirely safe to serve your purpose. It is smooth, soft, and provides natural moisture management; quick cooling and dry quality of cotton fabric reduces sweat. Long hour wearing does not cause any rashes or discomfort and is comfortable for daily use.
    The entire body of the brace has pushed elastic for maximum stretch and perfect fit. It has been laminated with 5” of low pile cover-stitched together by the robust lockstitch technique. This comfortable brace uses the torso rather than strangling the neck for reducing the arm or shoulder movement. The seam finish is best for long life tolerance. The adjustable loops and straps fit slender or stocky figures and adjust to desired tightness. It is a stress-free and comfortable to wear design. This thoughtful and reversible creation allows you to wear the brace on either the right or left side. Furthermore, the arm strap and waistband are provided to avoid movement and is best for quick recovery from displaced shoulder joint or cracks. For humerus support, there is the arm strap, and radio-ulna support is provided by the wrist strap.
    The broad nylon Velcro patches on the cuff, arm, and waistband allow you to quickly adjust, take off, and put on this brace. There is a close wrist loop for better hold and perfect fit. These adjustable belts efficiently position and provide proper compression of the affected area. Moreover, you can remove the waist strap if you find it unnecessary. It is an excellent immobilization brace that is easy to wash and light in weight. Being convenient to wear, it can be worn by the patient him/herself.

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