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  • Boxer Finger Splint: Suitable for Left or Right Hand, the Boxer finger splint provides superior protection and support for the 4th and 5th finger fractures. Ideal for finger break, fractured finger, sprained knuckles and finger pain relief
  • Fast Finger Recovery: Brace for broken or fractured fingers, finger tendon strains or sprains. This soft padded boxer finger support is what your injured fingers needs. This finger immobilizer keeps fingers straight and supported comfortably and provides a faster recovery
  • Comfortable & Breathable Material: This Boxer Finger splint is made of breathable and lightweight material that allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin. Two perforation designs are used at the junction of the metacarpal and finger for better ventilation and comfort
  • Adjustable Strap: Several straps are for quick and easy adjusting for a comfortable fit. It comes with the extra elastic strap that allows adjustment as needed to find the ideal spot for stabilization and pain management
  • Choose Your Size: Using a soft and flexible tape measure, find the distance from the base of your palm to the tip of the longest finger you wish to immobilize. Available in 3 sizes : Size S - 7" (17 cm) // M - 8" (20 cm) // L - 9.5" (24 cm)
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    This boxer’s brace is perfect for treating boxer’s fractures. A fracture to the fourth or fifth metacarpal bone is called a boxer’s fracture. This comfortable Boxer splint offers top of the line support and comfort. It is effective to help treat this specific injury. This Boxers splint has internal bendable aluminium that can be molded to the hand, to hold your exterior digits in the desired position. It keeps your fingers still, while the straps help you to determine the exact level of flexion desired for those fingers and joints.

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