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BronzLift Single-Dome Kansa Wand

  • FOR GLOWING SKIN - As per Ayurveda , Kansa metal balances skin pH and benefits the skin.
  • DELAYS AGING - Reduces fine lines; Removes toxins; Drains lymph nodes; Improves blood circulation.
  • LEAD FREE SKIN CARE PRODUCT - Seasoned wooden handle with Bronze capping - Bronze used is a lead-free alloy of copper and tin.
  • FACE LIFT EFFECT - Reduces under eye bags, tones facial muscles, sharpens jawline, lifts sagging skin.
  • BEAUTY TOOL - Regular morning or night skin care routine should include Kansa Face Massage- to be done using any serum or facial oil.
    Must have skin care tool. Makes for an elegant gift.

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Embark on a refreshing skincare journey with Soulgenie's BronzLift Kansa Wand, a personal massager wand that adds a touch of luxury to your beauty routine. Uncover the timeless beauty ritual of the Kansa Wand and discover radiant, healthy skin without the need for excessive marketing hype.
Crafted from Kansa, a unique bronze-metal alloy of copper and tin, this personal massager wand offers unparalleled skin-balancing properties. Immerse yourself in a skincare routine that effortlessly restores balance and harmony to your complexion. Bid farewell to skin acidity issues as the Kansa Wand works its magic, replacing imbalanced skin with a natural, age-defying glow.

The Kansa Wand, with its carved wooden handle, provides a comfortable grip for a relaxing facial massage. Feel the gentle caress of this best face massager as it works wonders, firming facial tissues, diminishing fine lines, and reducing water retention and puffiness. Explore the transformative effects of the Kansa Wand Facial Massage, rejuvenating your complexion by eliminating toxins and draining lymph nodes. The light pressure of this best face massager enhances blood circulation and revitalizes energy flow, promoting a natural, undeniable glow. Say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles with light, gentle strokes under the eyes.
For an indulgent experience, incorporate the Kansa Wand into your post-serum or oil application routine. Not only does this best face massager enhance the efficacy of your skincare products, but it also provides a smoother, more luxurious massage for your skin's well-being.

Experience the incredible toning abilities of your personal massager wand as it sculpts facial muscles, contours cheeks and nose, and delivers a non-saggy neck. Witness a sharper jawline, lifted brows, and a youthful radiance that defies the passage of time. As you indulge in this luxurious personal massager wand, don't be alarmed if you notice some blackness on your skin; it's simply the reaction of the metal and acid content, a testament to the Kansa Wand working its healing magic. A quick wash or cleanse with a soft cloth is all it takes to reveal revitalized, glowing skin.

FOR GLOWING SKIN - According to Ayurveda, Kansa metal balances skin pH and enhances skin health for a radiant complexion.

DELAYS AGING - Reduces fine lines; Removes toxins; Drains lymph nodes; Improves blood circulation with the Kansa Wand.

LEAD-FREE SKINCARE PRODUCT - This best face massager has a Seasoned wooden handle with Bronze capping - Bronze used is a lead-free alloy of copper and tin for safe and effective skincare.

FACE LIFT EFFECT - Reduces under-eye bags, tones facial muscles, sharpens jawline, lifts sagging skin effortlessly. BEAUTY TOOL - Make the Kansa Wand a must-have in your morning or night skincare routine using any serum or facial oil. It's not just a tool; it's an elegant gift for the ones you care about.

Elevate your skincare ritual with the BronzLift Kansa Wand, the best face massager to have - where ancient wisdom meets modern luxury. Indulge in the personal massager wand experience for timeless beauty.


Apr 18, 2019

Kansa Wand Massage – a ‘Miraculous’ discovery for health and longevity?

What is kansa and why is it special? Kansa, known as “kamsya” in Sanskrit, is an alloy made of copper, tin, and zinc. It is variously called bell metal or bronze in the West. Copper is known to relieve pain, arthritis, and inflammation. Zinc helps in management of diabetes and improves digestion and...
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