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EasyPress Fully Adjustable Hernia Belt - Black

  • The Only FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Hernia Belt - Designed to creating the right pressure that you want at the right spot that you need. Can be used for both Inguinal or Abdominal Hernias; Left or Right Hernias
  • Unique offering - Special PADDED SLEEVE mounted over the Groin straps – Can be bunched for added pressure needed for Inguinal Hernias; Sleeve also provides padded comfort in everyday wear without the straps cutting into your groin area
  • Customizable Abdominal Hernia Pressure - Large self stick Surface Area specially provided for placing the Lightweight Ethafoam pads (provided) at ANY suitable pressure point as per your need; Also provided additionally - Option of pockets to place Pressure pads of your own choice and design (even a folded kerchief) to help achieve customized pressure as per your need.
  • SPECIAL Straps Construction - Straps are fully slideable and adjustable to accommodate the comfort position right for you. Stretchable straps for the right pressure; Mounted Sleeve Padding is a much needed option for additional comfort, not available in any other hernia belts
  • For sizing - Waist size to be measured 2 inches below navel; Made from dermo friendly, hypoallergenic and durable material; aesthetic & can be worn under clothing for long time without too much discomfort. Reduces occurrence of rashes/ allergies.

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This FULLY Adjustable hernia inguinal truss is specially designed for YOU – creating the Pressure that YOU want at that right spot that YOU need.
In this thoughtful design, large frontal surface area has been provided to stick the lightweight Pressure pads anywhere as per your choice. If you feel the pads to be unsuited for your purpose, you can insert your own customized pressure pad such as your kerchief into the pockets provided specially for this purpose. This effectively creates abdominal pressure of your choice at the point of your choice.
Likewise, padded sleeve has been provided mounted over the straps. These padded sleeves can be bunched to create right pressure for inguinal hernias. The padded sleeve is a UNIQUE feature not usually available in any other Hernia truss. This gives the added advantage of padding of straps in everyday wear.
The straps are stretchable and can be slided into different positions to get the optimum comfort for your body type This truss offers a constant and gentle relief from hernia pain. Total hernia care for men; with adjustable leg and bilateral abdominal straps you can control and customized pressure. The belt can be adjusted according to the position or on the appropriate spot of the hernia for the right compression. The anatomical pads that have been attached to the belt are comfortable for exerting gradual and gentle pressure. They have been specially designed to provide relief from ingrained hernia pain and helps in its treatment. The enhanced effectiveness of this belt is far better that hernia briefs. The pads that are made from special grade Ethafoam are light in weight and soft but provide appropriate hardness. The pads are provided on both the sides of the belt and can be removed it you want to remove it from the non hernia side. The belts have self-stick on both the sides. These large patches of Velcro help you to adjust depending on the size of the waist.

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