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Foot Acupressure Roller

  • Acupressure treatment; the product works on the principle of acupuncture which helps in enhancing blood circulation and relax the body
  • Lightweight and highly durable; Simply place under feet while sitting and roll your feet over it - Weighs approx 620 gm and measures 12.7 x 7.4 inches in size, makes it easy to carry and handle.
  • Safe for all; Acupuncture roller is a proven treatment which can be applied on any age group individual without any side effects
  • Target multiple areas; On the feet and palms works on the reflexology principle; Get a deeply relaxing back massage with this tool or even your palms and hands; provides similar deep relief to all body parts
  • Plastic rollers for even pressure; Equipped with rotating plastic rollers, which helps in equal distribution of pressure across body part

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Pain and stress has become a part of human life nowadays, A lot many remedies are available in the market to provide you relief from stress and anxiety, but not all are as effective as the acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a practice of applying pressure on the body’s pressure points to stimulate nerve endings which at last provides a great soothing effect on the body. Acupuncture roller is such a device which is designed on the same ideology of providing relief from stress and anxiety with the help of acting upon acupressure points. The product is made of small plastic bead rollers embedded on a rack, which when comes in contact of body parts provides great relief. It promotes blood circulation in that area hence eliminates pain and cramps from that area. Its plastic made body makes it extremely lightweight and highly durable for long-lasting use. Another great feature of the product is that it can be used on anyone, no age restrictions and without any side effects. A product with all such great benefits makes it a great buy for your future use.

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