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  • BRONZE BOWL FOR HEALING AND RELIVING STRESS - Used to massage feet and legs, to remove tiredness.
  • BASED ON AYURVEDA - Internal organs are connected to the nerve endings present on the feet. Hence sole massage relaxes the whole body and draw out toxins through the feet.
  • FOR MASSAGE THERAPISTS & SPAS - "Kansa Vatki Massage" done on its own , or after a full body massage will totally rejuvenate your client, and will keep bringing them back for more. To be used with any oil like coconut oil or clarified butter.
  • RESTORES BALANCE - Removes energy blocks in the body to restore mind body balance. Relaxes tired feet, improves stamina and strength of lower limbs, enhances mental and spiritual health, calms down the body, reduces stress, helps detoxify internal organs, improves sleep quality, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, relieves strain from tired eyes, enhances mobility of the joints of lower limbs, improves the condition of muscles and ligaments of lower limbs.
  • COMPACT & DURABLE - Easy to store or carry. Safe for all age groups. Helpful to people who spend most of the time on their feet.
    NOTE: Color and Shine Finish may vary slightly due to the baking process.

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Kansa / Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin – each having specific healing properties as per Ayurveda. Copper helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Tin relives headaches and insomnia.


Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

Feet massage using the authentic FootEase Kansa Vatki, is a great way to relax the body and balance the mind and body. This unique art of massage balances the 3 Doshas of the body - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Vatki massage detoxifies the body while removing excess heat from the body. Massage begins from the toes and the feet and goes upto the ankles and calves.

As per Ayurveda , there are 107 Marma Points in the human body , out of which 14 points are worked upon in Kansa Vatki Massage. These points are located in the feet and lower legs. This treatment stimulates the vital nerves coming from internal organs and terminate in the feet. Although the feet are getting massaged, but the whole body benefits. Marma Point Massage by Kansa Vatki helps to relieve certain conditions and frees up the energy flow.


FootEase Vatki Massage can be done alone , or can be combined with a full body treatment. One can use any oil. If possible, use medicated oil best suited to one's Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type).


Soulgenie offers great discounts to health centers, spas, massage therapists, pedicurists to enable the reach of authentic Ayurveda products to all natural health enthusiasts across the world. We ensure that we deliver good quality, authentic products at your doorstep. We are always available for any queries regarding the product and its use after the sales as well, to build and support a worldwide community of health givers.

The product quality is really good. Happy, that they all came in individual bags of right sizes, which makes it all worth the money.

Really impressed with vaijayanti mala.

4/5 for quartz malas because I felt the beads could have been slightly bigger. But, short is cute and the quality of beads is really good. So, no complaints at all. The diamond cut is really something I like.

Delivery was fast and within time.

If you can make more innovative stylish affordable bracelets/pendants out of any of these. It would be great.
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