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Lumbar Support Belt

  • 20 Health Magnets to improvise blood circulation
  • Breathable vented elastic side panels to provide comfortable and bulge- free fit;
  • Double fastening with the help of higher quality Velcro to provide long lasting fit; fully adjustable
  • Excellent brace with vertical fin support; Neoprene back panel to provide flexibility and warmth
  • Black in color; Available in sizes: M: 70-90cm (28–35”) L: 80-100cm (32–39”) XL: 90-110cm (35–43”) XXL: 100-120cm (39”-48”)

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The clinically designed Magnetic Lumbar Support belt provides excellent aid to pain relief, reduces lumbar compression and improves lumbar spine stability. It allows pretty good movement to turn your hips without any hindrance. It is very useful while golfing.The main feature of this belt is “20 health magnets” which lead to formation of energy fields within our body of varying strengths. These energy fields can be used to treat several health disorders that involve restoring afflicted organs, cells and other vital bodily systems. Once affected by back pain, our body tends to send pain impulses to our brain as a result we experience extreme pain and discomfort upon back ache. This magnetic back belt blocks the pain impulses reaching the brain and keeps us pain free.

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