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  • Genuine Semi Precious stone beads of Red Apple Jasper.
  • Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement.
  • Suitable for treating chronic unexplained ailments related to stomach and liver.
  • Helps deal with unexplained psychological conditions.
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    Faith Properties: Jasper is known for its exceedingly soothing properties. It is supposed to balance all the energy centers (charkas) by balancing the ida-pingala or yin yang. It is nurturing and is said to create conditions for supreme bliss. It has salubrious effect on the stomach and liver. Length: 38.5 CMS Or 15" (77 CMS all around) Bead Size: 5mm - 6.5mm.

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    I am always pleased with my orders. Everything arrives usually before I expect it and in perfect order.

    Everything was received in a timely fashion - I am very impressed by the quality of the products, and I will certainly recommend this site to my friends. Thank you!---------------- 2/15/2008---------------

    Saturday , September 15 2018

    The Effectiveness of Mala Beads as Meditation Aids

    Mala Beads as Meditation Aids – Making Meditation Easier

    The stressful lifestyle of modern people often makes them feel agitated and disconnected from others. Under the constant pressure of career goals and personal life, people look for a way-out to attain mental ...
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