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NatureSooth Therapeutic Wood Massager

  • Based on the Ancient art of Ayurvedic treatment helping to detoxify and stimulates nerve endings.
  • Hand crafted & Eco-friendly with Firm grip – Made of wood, the hand carved wooden handle which helps to enhance pressure while having a firm grip
  • Helps ooze out aches and pains due to muscle soreness and stiffness – wonderful fatigue relieving tool
  • Kneading effect on muscles – You can knead your way through muscle knots that help with deep tissue massage
  • Specially suited design for pressure point massage on palm, sole, neck and shoulder – with or without oil

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It is a fact that massaging makes nerve connections stronger as well as improves our health and the function of body organs. According to Ayurveda, massaging tends to stimulate the vital points of the body that energizes you and helps in relieving you of insomnia, fatigue and cramps. The Palm and sole kneading wood massager is an effective relaxation tool which has a convenient size but helps in deep tissue massage and its kneading effect relieves pressure of trigger points. The wooden head of the massager kneads its way through the pressure points relieving you of discomfort. This aesthetically designed tool is recommended for tired muscles, stiffness in the palm, sole, neck and shoulder as well as for oil massage.

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