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GuardNHeal Thumb Spica and Metacarpal Support Splint

  • MADE FROM COMFORTABLE AND PRIME QUALITY MATERIAL- Superior quality and comfortable medical grade textured neoprene ; durable, soft, and breathable- keeps the hand and thumb sweat-free and dry; provides and maintains great heat retention; light in weight; immobilizes the thumb while retaining full movement of fingers and also wrist movement; allows to perform normal daily activities without any hindrance.
  • ALUMINUM SPLINT WITH ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomically designed with a build-in stable aluminum splint; immobilizes the thumb by providing maximum support; metal splint removable and lightweight- supports the thumb during hand movement; allows to perform the daily activities without any hindrance; can be hand or machine washed by removing the metal splint.
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND USE- Universal Size - Suitable for Both Left or Right Hand; User-friendly brace used in fractures, sprains, and other thumb injuries, broken carpal; adjustable design with wide and easy-to-wear Velcro straps on the wrist and thumb; straps keep the brace in place and prevent it from slipping, self-wear medical grade brace - no need to depend on others.
  • RECOMMENDED BRACE FOR FAST RECOVERY- Best supporting thumb brace for a quick recovery for a broken thumb, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injury, managing arthritis, sprains and strains, trigger keeper thumb, sprained thumb, post-surgery, skier's thumb, and chronic thumb injury;
  • PROVIDES PAIN RELIEF- Ideal brace to get relief from thumb pain, thumb tendonitis, strains and sprains, de Quervain's(radial styloid tenosynovitis), thumb fractures, metacarpal arthritis(Carpo-metacarpal (CMC) osteoarthritis) and post-surgery condition.

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Made from quality medical grade and durable textured neoprene, this Thumb and Wrist Support Brace is soft and comfortable. Being made from breathable neoprene, the splint keeps the wrist and palm sweat-free and dry while maintaining excellent heat retention. The light weight of this brace makes it an ideal option for long-duration wear. It reduces movement to immobilize the palm and thumb- keeping the fingers and wrist fairly free, thereby allowing the hand to perform normal daily activities without hindrance, including computer or desktop work
This brace has been designed ergonomically with a built-in stable aluminum splint that provides maximum support while immobilizing the thumb. You can remove the metal splint to wash it, and the brace supports the thumb during daily activities more flexibly. The user-friendly and smart design is used in sprains, fractures, and other thumb injuries; adjustable design for a perfect fit; wide and easy to remove and put on Velcro straps on the thumb and wrist- to prevent the brace from slipping, no need to depending on others to wear thebrace.
It is one of the best-supporting braces for carpal tunnel, managing arthritis, repetitive stress injury, sprains andstrains, post-surgery, broken thumb, trigger keeper thumb, skier's thumb,sprained thumb, and chronic thumb injury protection and quick recovery.
This Thumb and Wrist Support Brace is an ideal medical aid for relieving thumb pain, strains, and sprains, thumb tendonitis, thumb fractures, de Quervain's(radial styloid tenosynovitis), metacarpalarthritis(Carpo-metacarpal (CMC) osteoarthritis) or post-surgery condition.

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