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  • Tongue Cleaner + 1 Free Organic Storage & Travel Pouch - High Quality FDA listed Tongue Cleaner. Come with Earth-friendly Travel & Storage pouch (No Plastic Case)
  • PURE COPPER: Broad Spectrum Hygiene as per Ayurveda - Thicker, heavy duty gauge to ensure it is smooth on the tongue - without risk of nicks; Anatomical Shape to ensure maximum tongue surface cleaning
  • NATURAL DETOX & IMMUNITY BOOSTER - Flexible, non-gagging - Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene or taste sensation; Comfort Grip, Carved Stainless Handles – no wearing-off rubber handles
  • NO MORE BAD BREATH – Drags out dreadful coats and festering mucus. Also aids in removing the coffee and smoking stains to get a fresh breath and a healthy, pink tongue – Time-tested and Proven for preventing Oral health issues
  • Aesthetic, Discreet ‘Non-Yukky‘ Storage Bags - Say NO To PLASTICS – Non-Printed, Organic, Moisture-Absorbent, Ultra hygienic, Storage & Travel Pouch.. Can hang from a mirror peg OR will sit suitably in your toothbrush cup without anyone noticing. Slip into pocket and Carry it anywhere
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    Ayurveda’s medicinal texts talk about tongue scrapers being made from pure, unalloyed metals, such as gold, silver, copper or tin. However, we now know copper is the only substance you should be using for your tongue scrapers. Copper as a metal has been known for its medicinal purposes for centuries. Even in ancient times, copper was recognized as a source of minerals and a cleansing agent. Copper tongue scrapers are far more effective than plastic scrapers or other metal scrapers because of copper natural properties. Festering mucous is very harmful for the mouth and tongue. They should be taken off the tongue. Regular tongue cleaning with copper scrapper minimizes such oral problems. Due to the healing properties of copper, the copper tongue cleaner is preferable to other materials. Also its design is wider at the looping area which helps in covering larger area in one stroke. The handles have firm grip with ample length to hold the scraper firmly. It has high fatigue strength which makes it long lasting. Copper gets tarnished with time but the core properties remain preserved for long. It is advised not to share your cleaner with others to maintain the hygiene. Always clean the scraper before and after use.

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