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  • SteloSwipe Lite Tongue Cleaner helps to remove coats, bacteria, food particles and
    toxin buildup from the tongue.
  • Removes bad breath, enhances taste, prevents cavities and keeps a lot of oral problems away.
  • Made of Stainless steel; Lightweight
    Has curved ends for a good grip.
  • Has smooth edges to effectively cleanse the tongue, without any fear of cuts.
  • Curved shape and optimal length helps to reach the difficult parts of the tongue, without gagging.

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Tongue scraping/cleaning is a very important aspect of oral hygiene. It is scientifically proven to control bad breath and enhance immunity.

Soulgenie SteloSwipe Lite Steel Tongue Cleaners are an excellent option for oral care as they are impervious to bacteria as compared to plastic tongue cleaners. Stainless Steel is easy to maintain and to keep clean. It stays rust free, odor free and stain free, making it a long term part of your daily grooming routine.

Tongue cleaners have been in use since ancient times, as they keep a host of oral problems at bay. A quick swipe on the tongue, refreshes the mouth and improves taste. Prevents cavities and tooth decay.

Bad breath can be quite a put off, and can ruin the best of impressions. Regular tongue cleaning is a very effective method to remove bad breath. It makes one feel good and confident , as there is no more worries about bad breath.

Gentle tongue scraping removes the odour creating tongue coats. Sometimes some foods like dairy products, garlic , onions, meat etc. leave a thin powdery/grimy coat on the tongue , which when left in the mouth starts to decay emanating a foul smell.

Regular tongue cleansing and brushing of teeth is the way to good oral hygiene.

There are two styles of Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaners are available at
This is the lighter version without cylindrical handle. It has curved ends which provide good grip.

Excellent service and speedy delivery to UK, thanks

No Issues, good products, happy with service, would definitely buy products again... thank you

Thank you so much, it does its work and I now can`t brush my teeth without using it

great job!

Thank you very much for the order! My honest feedback is that the tongue scrappers are very narrow. I pictured they would be like the one I currently have which is as broad as my whole tonge and does it side to side in one stoke. Yours are pretty narrow and I feel like I need to use it on one side then on the other in a second pass. Not a big deal though.

Product is easy to use and very effective. Comes packaged nicely in a little cloth bag. Great price/fast shipping. Thank you!

I have loved it. Thanks -:))

Very satisfied with the speed of delivery. The products are exactly what I expected. Thanks!
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